theemilygrey webcam sex To the fact that I have nothing to change my clothes in, he said that they would be only ours, and they wouldn’t embarrass them, and then he would take me home.
I decided to stay.
– Only mind you not to bother – I joked.
We noted at the country house of Vova, a guy from a parallel class, he was also a member of our troupe.

Seryoga had changed his clothes by that time and it turned out that I was the only “girl” among seven guys and most of the attention was paid to me.
They took care of me, laid salads, poured wine, made compliments.
In general, we had fun all – drank, had fun, danced.
When it began to get dark, the guys started to go home.
I also wanted to leave, because tomorrow will be graduation.
But Danil asked me to stay, they say, let’s have some more fun, and then I’ll leave all the rest to their homes, that he is no stranger and he is not so drunk.
The rest of the guys also began to persuade, saying that they did not want to lose the main decoration of the table.
It flattered me and I stayed.
We started drinking again, the wine was long over and I switched to vodka along with everyone.
There are four of us left: me, Danil, Vova and Pashka.
Everyone took turns dancing with me, stroking her legs, pawing her ass, I let everyone.

What a fool I was! I was once again invited to a slow dance by Danil. intel 3d webcam
We danced, and put her head on his shoulder, he whispered in my ear, how beautiful I am, and my hand was walking under a skirt.
I was drunk and I was pleased, goosebumps, the pulse quickened.
Danil again tried to sneak a finger in my ass, but I, being indignant, raised his hand to the waist and we continued to dance.
From behind the camera clicks on the phone, I did not immediately realize what was happening.
It turns out that when I raised his hand to my waist, I fully lifted my skirt and everyone had a view in all its glory: wide elastic stockings, butt, covered with thongs and suspenders from the belt, supporting stockings.
And so we danced for a couple of minutes, but I didn’t suspect !!! The dance was over and we started watching the pictures.
The guys were amazed! “Any chick would envy such an ass,” they said.
And the members in their pants were in full alert.
– Nicole, let’s pofota you in erotic poses – suggested Pasha.
Everyone supported him and I thought it would be fun.
I began to imagine in front of the camera, lifting up my skirt, stood in frank poses, stroked my chest, crotch, made a passionate face, sucked a finger.

The guys helped me, chose poses.
On the table, on the floor, on the couch, cancer, sideways.
The skirt already did not fall.
Vova put me on all fours, pulled the dress up to the shoulder blades and said to crawl to Pasha, caving in like a panther, and he would take off.
And in that spirit for about an hour.
The photo session is over, Danil offered to go out on the balcony – he would smoke, and I should get some fresh air.
We left, I leaned on the railing, Danil hugged me from behind and pressed a standing member against my bottom.
I turned around, wanted to say that it was too much, but did not have time.
He grabbed me, put his hand on the back of his head and bit his lips into me, and with his hand he pushed back the strip of slivers and put his wet finger in my ass.
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