usb c webcam Christina came into my room and gave me my things, saying that I would go into the shower and get dressed.
After ten minutes I was ready and waited for the girls.
They appeared a little later, dressed beautifully and sexually.
And their outfits turned me on, but the chastity belt did not allow the member to stand, but only delivered discomfort.

– What, like, whore? – pleased with the effect produced, asked Julia.
“Yes, Madam,” I replied, not taking my eyes off the girls.
“Well, we are good today, so you can admire us,” said Christina.
The girls primped around the mirror a little more, and I continued to admire them, feeling the pressure in the groin area.
Having finished with the guidance of the marafe, we went to the street.
Walking with a cork is still a pleasure, so my walk looked a bit amusing.
True, the guys who passed by us threw excited looks at the girls and looked at me enviously.
They did not know all the sadness of my position.
When the sun was almost gone, we approached the club.

We went into it without any problems, since Christina often visited here and had a club card.
She sat at the table.
I began to look around and did not notice a single guy in the hall, but there were a lot of girls at the age, as I was able to estimate, from fifteen to twenty-five years old, there were a couple of forty-year-old women.
And many of those present looked at our table with astonishment, while Julia and Kristina were smiling pretty.
This whole situation has ceased to please me and began to expect a dirty trick.
After a couple of minutes, when the lights in the hall went out, and the stage began to be lit with a muffled light, and a half-naked guy came out and began to dance, I realized what was the catch. panties on webcam
And it is clear why there were no guys on the male striptease except me.
Although I heard that the guys go to this, even hetero.
Thinking that striptease is the catch, I relaxed inside.
In general, a couple more people appeared on the stage, under the enthusiastic shouts of girls, among whom were Christina and Yulia.

I looked with envy at the slender, inflated bodies of strippers who were driving girls crazy.
And when a couple of them were left completely without clothes, too.
Though the girls say (true or not, who knows and understands them) that size is not the main thing.
But when you see their members are two times bigger than yours, you want it or not, but a slight envy will appear.
Left without clothes, the guys went to the hall, where it was unclear what was happening.
The girls seemed to have gone mad.
When the guys came up to the girls, they just pounced on their dick and started to suck them and nadrachivat.
This I even could not imagine that the girls will be on everyone’s mind, an unfamiliar guy, to do blowjob, and even so zealously and passionately.
And there was not one that refused.
Many of them have already started to caress themselves or their neighbors on the table, some with their hands, some with toys.
At first, I could not understand how they managed not to end so long, but then he noticed that at the base of the penis there was some kind of ring.

So it does not allow them to stop.
Although yes, a reasonable move otherwise they would have been incapable in the very first minutes.
It lasted about twenty minutes, maybe more or less, somehow it was difficult to determine.
And then they headed in our direction.
And judging by the views that were thrown by the girls who were sitting nearby, they were waiting for me to join this.
And, alas, he was right.
Going to our table, one of them stood in front of me and his cock was in front of my face.
Someone began to push forward, but I put my hands on his legs and did not allow me to move me.
He watched it with a smile, but did nothing.
– Maybe someone has handcuffs? – asked Julia.
And the next second a pair of handcuffs appeared on the table.
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