webcam girl 18 vk Her working day started early and ended late and she didn’t work very far, but she had to do a big bus ride to get home or go through the forest for 10 minutes and in the evening it could be dangerous.
So her son always took her from work, sometimes three of them returned, but once he did not succeed and even now I don’t remember why he asked me to go and meet Aunt Lena home alone.
I came to wait and this frame forgot to call my mother and warn you that she will not come to meet her, but I will meet her instead.
From the mere thought that I am about to see my member fossilized again.

And finally, she comes out looking at me and then on the sides in search of her son and speaks.
Hi Slavik, where did Andrew go somewhere? Hello, Aunt Lena, Andrei, is not working today for you and he asked me to do it.

I answered her.
Ok well, then let’s go.
It’s good that Andrey didn’t work because I wanted to talk to you about something personal. webcam girl 18 vk
Aunt Lena said and smiled sweetly from what a pleasant wave ran through my body.
We went to the side of the forest, she clasped my elbow from what I did not breathe evenly.
Going not far into the forest, she began to speak.
You know, Glory, I think you like me.
I’m right? My legs hardened from these words and I did not specifically stop.
Silent means I guessed right? She continued and, laughing, turned to face me without letting go of my right elbow, touched my right palm to my chest, from which my heart began to pound.
You can not be shy and admit to me that I noticed this a long time ago.
This is true.
I barely spoke.
Relax, it’s okay, I’m not old and I can like it a lot.

She said gently and smiled again.
You know, not once at this time I have not seen bystanders in this forest.
(it was really so) You want to make me nice, right? Playfully and smiling asked Aunt Lena.
Yes, I dream about it since I was 12 years old (I didn’t lie to her when I started to stand, I immediately noticed her and very often dreamed that I damned her pussy with my dick already at that age) I answered her in a trembling voice.
Oh how you tremble with excitement.
(she said loudly and laughed) Will you lick? Good, but I don’t know how to do it very much to be honest.
(despite my age I licked only once).
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