webcam looker 6 2 They were moved by good feelings and intentions.
Let them perverted in the understanding of society.
But Kostik was driven by a feeling of not detente.
He wanted his mother to be discharged after all that he had experienced.

He sacrificed himself, regardless of morality and censure of incest society.
And his mother, having learned that he had sworn an oath for a whole week not to engage in lewdness, decided to trample on her moral values.
After all, this sexual intercourse is no match for masturbation.
“Well,” Ninel agreed, “only today and never again.”
Forget that I am your mother, and you are my son.
Only once and never again, promise? – She asked the man, looking into his eyes, and tenderly holding a squeezed palm on his dick, and another playing around, with eggs filled to life with viviparous, eggs.
“I promise, Ninochka,” gently stroking her woman’s breasts with one hand and fingers with the other, playing with her cunt and clit, “only today and never in my life.”
Only once.

Then he wiped it with a bath towel and, taking it in his hands, carried it to their bedroom with his father, who had become the former today.
Having laid across the couch so that her legs were on the floor, the son parted them and stood between them, lifting his present beloved behind a pretty ass, and abruptly entered the entire length of his rather big granite obelisk.
Ninel cried out in surprise.
She still regretted what was about to happen, but she reassured herself that she made the sacrifice, the deal with her conscience for the sake of her only beloved and dear person, her son.
She wanted him to get relief, and not suffer from pain in the lower abdomen, as is the case with dissatisfied men.
She knew her son.
Once he took an oath, even if to himself, he would keep it, no matter what it cost him.
But Constantine was thinking about something else entirely. livejasmin camwhores
He didn’t care about himself.
He wanted to reward this woman, let her mother, with such an orgasm, which she had never experienced before in this life and, perhaps, would not experience more.

He wanted to give her such a gift of filial love, even if it was perverted in understanding by the society she was worthy of.
At least once, let her get a sea of ??happiness in the years she lost in bed with a pidaras.
I do not know if there is a God in the world.
But if there is, then for him there are no perverted concepts.
He gave the Son of his Mother the power of boundless love, He taught him how to, where and when.
The woman cried and laughed, she screamed with pleasure and completely forgot that her own son was fucking her.
When she got an orgasm, he was so strong that Ninel just fainted for a few seconds.
This day was the best in her life.
She never forgot it.
And a whole month was impressed by what happened.
No, she certainly remembered who she was and who her lover was.
Therefore, her first question was: – Kostya, it was so great! “For the first time in my life, I understood and felt what true love is,” she said happily, “have you finished?” – Anxiously looking into the eyes of his son asked mother.

“It doesn’t matter,” the son said, pulling the still-stiff member from his mother’s vagina, “I did it for you.”
I wanted you to.
What he wanted there, we will never know, because Ninochka silenced his mouth with a clearly non-maternal kiss and, having thrown him on his back – where did the force come from? – said she would not do that, and she did not put her honor on the altar of morality and not for herself, but for him for the sake of it.
No more saying a word, she strung her sweet pussy in all respects for no less sweet for her male dick and began to make such pas on it that all world porn films in the future faded and withered before their mystery.
Now they could be safely scrapped.
Less than five minutes, as her man screamed a good mat and, finally, discharged a great fountain of sperm where it was discharged and should have been.
They were filled with happiness from their deed fell into the arms of each other and kissed, immediately fell asleep to the sleep of the righteous.

And in the morning they reaffirmed that this will not happen again.
This was the only time and only pleasant memories will remain.
Mother and son again became in the appropriate status.
Soon Ninel filed for divorce.
Pidar ebuchiy refused any claims to an apartment and, taking his things, went in search of blue happiness to other lands.
But my story is not over yet.
After all, there is another girl Katya, whom the boy Kostya dreamed of fucking and took an oath to himself, not to jerk off until she refused him.
webcam looker 6 2