webcam teen show Now the legs were open almost to its full length.
Nina had sometimes had erotic arousal before, when she was admiring her naked body in the mirror.
And now, seeing her charming legs stretched along the sofa, and feeling the passionate touches of a young and handsome guy, she, too, began to be excited.
She felt hot, and she opened her robe.

Under it was only a maroon short combination.
Seeing this, Kohl hugged her waist and pulled her to him.
Nina did not resist, but hugged his head and, closing her eyes, lay back.
Full and high chest heaved so alluring and was so close to his lips that it was impossible not to kiss all the accessible areas of delicate skin, under which the magical flesh of the mammary glands sagged elastic and created the feeling that you plunge into the heavenly abyss where there is no past neither the future, nor the rules, nor the obligations, but there is only the endless and insane enjoyment of this moment and this woman.

Pleasure sucked, and both had neither the strength nor the desire to break away from each other.
The pleasure did not allow stopping the diving flight into the depths of passion, and a combination that seemed so short before, and now suddenly turned into a huge barrier between their bodies thirsting for each other, became a hindrance on their way.
Nina whispered nervously: – Stop, don’t tear it, I’ll take it off now.
She hastily threw off her robe, which, and so only held onto the hands in his arms, and the combination seemed to have slid up and disappeared from the sight of hot lovers.
While she was throwing off unnecessary clothes, Kolya, with trembling hands, tried to unbutton his buttons on his shirt, but they slipped out of his fingers and did not give in.
He managed to unbutton only the top button, as Nina, freed from the robe and combination, grabbed his shirt by the bottom and jerked it up.

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Summer shirt with short sleeves without resistance flew after the combination.
The next moment, their hands entwined on their backs, their breasts closed, and their lips found each other.
How long this embrace lasted, they did not know, but the moment came when they felt the incompleteness of the merger and, without parting their lips, began to pull everything that remained from each other.
As soon as they were freed from the remnants of clothes, Nina, clasping her lover to herself, turned over on her back and wrapped her legs around her buttocks.
The whole world has disappeared.
It remains only an endless feeling of happiness in a continuous reciprocal movement, merged into a single whole, tel.
Nina began to bend with her whole body, following the movements of the piston, which pumped her arousal.
She was moaning slightly, but had not yet had time to reach orgasm, as the hot jet burst from the piston, filled the entire space of the cave and the excitement began to subside.

Nina first came to her senses and whispered: – Well, that’s it.
Take out.
Then she ran to the bathroom.
She knew that the abundant charge that poured into her would pour back and ruin the sofa.
When she returned, she sent Kohl there, saying to him: – Go, wash your thing.
A man must keep his tool clean.
After intercourse, Nina felt some fatigue and went to bed.
She fell asleep easily and quickly.
In the dream it seemed to her that she was swimming under water, but it was easy to breathe.
In her mouth, for some reason, she has chocolate candy, and around her, among blue water, long stems of pale green algae rush upwards.
Nina knows that at the top these stems end in huge pink flowers with many petals.
Because of the stems, some creatures appear and disappear.
Nina peers at them and sees that they are cats.
Gray and fluffy, with white spots on the faces and paws.
They purr something familiar, but what exactly is not clear.

One cat swims up to her and starts rubbing her soft, downy back on her thigh, then claws her panties and begins to tighten.
Without waking up, Nina grabs her underwear, but – they are no longer there.
Nina knows what the cat wants.
It does not frighten her, he wants to first feel the gentle touch of the cat’s back on his chest.
She grabs a cat and.
wakes up.
On her knees, next to her bed is Kolya.
He strokes her hips with his hands, rising higher and higher to the shaggy triangle.
– Why are you awake? – muttered sleepy Nina.
– I can not fall asleep.
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