webcam teens live online Irina hesitated, and it seemed to Yulia that now this woman would give her a fight, but this did not happen.
Nervously licked her scarlet lips, her sister’s former classmate, got up and walked over to a carved bar of expensive wood.
– What do you pour, Julia? – Mmm.
Make me a whiskey cola! Julia waited until Irina mixed the cocktail, accepted it, and then went on the attack again.

Moodyly wrinkling nose, she did not even drink, put aside the drink to the side. webcam teens live online
– Not.
I do not want! Is there a rum? Make rum-cola! And hurry up! “Now she will splash this swill into my face.
“- nervous, but carefully concealing her excitement, the girl thought.
Irina got up again and began to carry out the order to the impudent visitor.
– And pour yourself! – threw in a businesslike Julie. webcam teens live online