webcams teen 18 And if the insurance pays for everything, why not examine the child, ”the doctor said to the nurse,“ Really, Amy? For us, this money is not superfluous.
“All the same, I persuaded” – I thought, throwing a hurt look at my aunt.
Take off your clothes – the doctor told me, continuing to leaf through the questionnaires.
“It seems that he is not going to go anywhere” – I thought with displeasure, glancing at Jenny standing nearby.

At eight years old, I was embarrassed to undergo a medical examination even in the presence of my own mother, not to mention the 19-year-old aunt, with whom I spent only a day and a half.
“And without exception, the female staff of this clinic is worth something,” I continued offended to reason, “Especially the young doctors and nurses.” What are you waiting for? – Jenny shouted at me, – Didn’t hear what they told you? Jenny squatted in front of me and began to unbutton my pants.
What it is? – continued to grumble my aunt, – All day you behave worse than a little!

Already need to undress like a baby.
Undressing me to the diaper, Jenny looked at the doctor inquiringly.
Take the diaper too, – she smiled.
Remaining naked, I blushed deeply and covered myself between my legs.
How shy – smiled young nurse.
Now get your hands out of there! – Jenny shouted at me and, not waiting for my reaction, forcibly opened my palms.
Do not be ashamed of us, – smiled the doctor.
As if the doctor with the nurse did not see little boys naked! – Jenny told me mockingly.
Come to me, – the nurse smiled, beckoning with my finger.
I timidly approached her, continuing to hide behind one palm. cam sex chaturbate
Become here, ”the nurse said, nodding at the rail for growth.
Where did you say hands to hold? – raised her voice to Jenny.
And really, from whom you are hiding behind here, – the nurse smiled, gently removing my hand.
Standing in front of all the naked, I wanted to fall under the ground with shame.
Now stand on the scales, – asked the nurse, measuring my height.

I obediently got on the scales.
75 pounds, the nurse announced, pushing the weights of the scales.
Wow, ”Jenny grinned.“ You eat well with your mother. ”
Now get on the couch, ”the doctor ordered me.
After waiting for me to sit on a high couch, the doctor wore a phylnetoscope and began to apply it to my chest.
Now let’s hear the back, ”she said after a minute.
The touch of the cold phonedoscope to the back made me shiver.
There are no wheezes, – the doctor said, and hanging the phonidoscope around his neck, he took a small wooden stick from a can on the couch, – Now we will check the throat.
Say A.
I opened my mouth wide and the doctor pressed my tongue with a wooden stick.
“Her throat is also fine,” she smiled. “Well, Tommy, lie back.”
We decided to inspect lying like a baby? – Jenny asked with a malicious smile.
Aha, – the doctor nodded, – Lying is much more convenient.
Blushing even more from shame, I obediently lay down on the couch.
First, we feel the tummy, – the doctor smiled tenderly, crushing my stomach, – How dense you are.

The doctor pressed me harder on my stomach and I could not resist loudly farted.
Shame on you! – Jenny laughed.
When did he last go big? – The doctor asked my aunt.
Half an hour ago, ”answered Jenny,“ when I went round the store.
Is the chair normal? The doctor asked, continuing to feel my belly.
It seems yes, – Jenny shrugged her shoulders, – I put such a pile in my pants that then I washed his dirty ass for half an hour.
Now we will see her, – the doctor smiled, lifting my legs up.
The unexpected touch of other people’s fingers to the pope made me startled in alarm.
Healthy, smooth skin, – said the doctor, unceremoniously opening my buttocks apart, – It is immediately obvious that the child is well watched.
Amy, give me a thermometer, ”the doctor said to the nurse.
Feeling that the doctor raised my legs even higher, I was horrified to guess where she was going to measure my temperature.
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