www realyoungsex com club bang cams “But you do not count on the fact that it will be like this all the time, any hole becomes boring, and the first sex with a new partner is always the best,” I answered.
– Now we will live, in the morning you will suck off the riser, at midday midday blowjob, and in the evening I will pull you into the point and do not say that you will refuse my dick, or you will refuse Yurochka, – he answered with a malicious smile and continued, – That’s how we will be friends, and for such a friendship, I will piss you in my mouth, and you lick my stinky point as you yourself wanted.
“By the way, about friends, two friends will come to me tomorrow, I hope they will like your mouth and point, I will provide the advertisement,” Tahir calmly warned, having already decided everything without me.
For today, nothing special happened or anything happened, and in the morning the promised riser was waiting for me, and I began to suck Takhira off while he was still asleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I looked at Tahir as he lay on his back and snuffled as always, and in the area of ​​the groin the sheets were strongly bulged by a member, so I myself decided to make him a surprise.
Approaching him, I gently freed the penis and took it into my mouth, immediately becoming diligently sucking on various erogenous points, my partner began to wake up from my actions but could not end.
“I don’t finish. Hot teen lesbian webcam. I have to piss,” I heard from Tahir waking up, “in response to his words, I took out a duck and tried to attach it, and with difficulty came a stream from its wooden hose. www realyoungsex com club bang cams
Holding his cock and duck in my hands, looking at this golden stream, I wanted to try it so that I simply took the head into my mouth without Takhir’s consent and turned into a live duck that absorbed his urine, which Takhir made a deep sigh.
But I didn’t get much again, so I put the glass with the yellow contents on the floor and continued to suck enjoying this sausage and the lubricant secreted until I felt the sperm that filled my mouth to the string.

At this morning procedures were completed and I waited for the lunch portion of sperm forgetting about his friends.
After lunch, I hinted at a blowjob several times, but he said that it was not yet time until two people, two Tahir’s friends, entered the ward by four.
Immediately I remembered everything, especially the farewell to Tahir, that in their presence I would be for him and there would be no support from him.
They began to communicate in their own language, and Tahir began to give me commands to either give them chairs, then wash the fruit, then give a towel.
All the time from the first minute they looked askance at me and apparently when they discussed all their topics they decided to have some fun with me since they were aware of who I am.
Tahir was the first to address his friends in Russian, “If you want to see the death number,” they agreed and the neighbor started giving me instructions, “lift my legs and lick my point,” I lifted his legs and began to lick the anus trying to show it to his friends.
– Lick your eggs and start sucking, – and when he began to perform, he also began to talk about me in Russian so that I understood what they were talking about, – You see, I now have a personal fagot, he will do everything I want, and if you There is a desire to fuck him, he is yours.
– Go come to him, pointing to someone, take off his jeans and suck, – I performed, the member of the first friend was smaller by an order of magnitude than Tahir and slightly bent to the top.

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