best amateur webcam sites He shuddered, twitched, screamed, and I felt spray sprayed in my back … Solo webcam strip. Having washed in the bathroom, we fell asleep.
In the morning the dream turned into slumber.
I turned on my side to face Slava, opening slightly and closing my eyes again.
Glory, it seemed, was just waiting for my half awakening.

Without disturbing me, he cautiously, with his head, went under the covers and I soon felt that my dick was again surrounded by tender tongue and lips.
Drowsiness fettered me, did not want to move.
Slava tried to protect my peace.
He quietly, almost without touching me, did only one thing – he held my penis in his mouth and caressed him with his tongue.
I continued to nap, although he was already “ringing”.
I felt blissful.
It was lazy to move, the morning bliss still held me, but this bliss was given a special aroma by an erotic scene played out under a blanket.
It seemed like I was alone in bed.
I did not feel any touch.
Only there, below, something continued to love and caress the focus of my male desires.

The nap was soon over.
Activity and energy came back to me.
I threw back the blanket and sweetly rolled over onto my back.
The member escaped to freedom and began to sway elasticly from side to side.
Slava rose and saddled me so that he was facing me, and his butt hung over my treasure.
From under the pillow, he took out a tube, squeezed its contents onto his finger and began to lubricate his anus with this ointment.
I froze in anticipation of new sensations.
Having finished with the tube, Slava took my dick in his hand and sent it between his buttocks. usb 2 0 1 3 m webcam
Two or three times Glory nassed on my dick, but every time he slipped somewhere to the side.
Finally, he found himself in a hollow, which became viscously covering my penis, absorbing it millimeter by millimeter.
I felt like the head was in an elastic ring.
This ring slowly descended the trunk until the head fell into a more spacious depth.
But the movement into the depths continued, it was felt that the member is in a tender little shelves, with the willingness and pleasure of accepting me.

Slava has absorbed my dick to its full length.
I looked at him with delight and ecstasy.
It seemed to me that I had reached the warmest and most tender place in the world.
Never felt the sweetness spread over my body.
The member of Glory stood up and swayed in time with his movements up and down.
Passion grabbed me more and more.
I added a counter movement from myself.
Yielding to my head, Slava leaned forward towards me, giving me some leeway.
Slightly curved upward, I gave myself up with energy and voluptuousness to male movements, under the blows of which Slava was pushing me and me.
My dick sweetly slid in some kind of pipe inside Glory, feeling all its irregularities and delicious tenderness.
Suddenly Slava pulled me to his arms and began to lean back, dragging me along.
We did this “acrobatic etude” without undoing the ties that bound us.
Now I was above Slava.
I threw his legs on my shoulders, thereby gaining complete freedom of movement and power over the impulse that gripped us.

The ass, the depth of which I explored, arched towards pleasure and completely surrendered to me.
The rhythm of sex captured me.
I drove my penis into glory with all the strength I was capable of.
I passionately wanted to pierce through it, once and for all having approved my power and ownership.
At times I leaned towards him and we merged in a kiss, invariably confirmed by a sweet movement into the anus.
Glory moaned, his eyes rolled up, his features distorted by the grin of voluptuousness.
Glory seemed to dissolve into pleasure.
From this I wanted to make it even sharper.
I stopped plunging a member at all depths and made the head move in a small space right behind the anus.
This technique allowed me to significantly increase the frequency of movements.
As soon as I switched to this new rhythm, Slava responded with moans and tremors.
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