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And Lenka just now found out the truth about my days off by standing next to me and reading at the same time as I was writing this story.
You know.
I understand.

I really like this sex.
But still with gentle men.
Such that, for all that happens, everyone considers me a woman.
Lenka with me in solidarity.
We are waiting for letters.
Sveta Lebedeva, Monday, April 17, 2000
, 15:00
I hate writing term papers.
I have to pass in a couple of days – but I didn’t even start writing.
Yesterday I was walking from uni, my thoughts were on my coursework and suddenly I saw Dasha from my third year next to me.
I communicate with Dasha a little, but only because when I see her, I cannot say a word: huge impudent gray-green eyes, thin features, a neat nose and curly red hair.
She was dressed as always – black tight pants covered a slightly large butt, a dark green blouse with a large neckline held a very large, but at the same time elastic snowy chest with sparse freckles.

Dasha smiled slyly at me, and I realized that she must have noticed my look, stuck to her beautiful bust.
Hi, what are you thinking about? She asked cheerfully, coming closer to me.
Yes, all coursework – I decided to immediately avoid unnecessary topics.
What is the topic? – Dasha smiled at me.
The basics of Roman law.
Well, I would have said earlier – I wrote it too.
Lies in a dorm on the computer, if necessary, I can throw.
Come-come, with a flash drive, at 10 o’clock in the evening, I’ll be right back from the courses.
I couldn’t say thank you.
I swallowed, turned nervously and walked away quickly.
My cheeks were burning, and instead of the street in front of me I saw Dashi’s bold eyes.
At 10 I was in her room.
Dasha put her finger to her sensual lips.
Anya is asleep, she seems sick, she whispered, and from this whisper, the most passionate whisper, I felt very excited. charleston sc live webcam
Dasha was sitting in front of a laptop already in pajamas, made of grayish terry cloth.

Pajamas completely fastened in front with a zipper, and as if casually bending over, I saw only the very beginning of a deep hollow.
Due to the fact that Dasha’s neighbor Anya was asleep, we spoke in a whisper, and I felt the light veil of Dasha’s perfume, and when her wet lips accidentally touched my ear, I realized that I was already excited not at all.
I took the flash drive with Dasha’s work, once again encouraged Dasha and got up, intending to leave.
Dasha’s smiling eyes, just a second ago looking straight at mine, slid down.
A smile for a moment left the Dasha’s face.
Her eyes were looking at the bulging bulge at the level of my fly.
I was burning with shame.
From her sharp look, my dick tightened even more.
She looked into my eyes again.
This sly smile is impossible to forget.
She took the zipper and quietly, so as not to wake Anya, unbuttoned her pajamas in half.
Two beautiful breasts almost completely opened to my eyes, only the nipples were hidden by the terry cloth of the pajamas.

I unbuttoned his pants, and when my burning member fell out of the panties, Dasha moved to the edge of the chair, in front of which I stood.
A member dived right between Dasha’s huge breasts; shaking with excitement, I began to move vigorously, while Dasha’s sly eyes were staring straight into mine.
Her breasts swayed like light white cloth, both of us were breathing heavily, and Anya was sleeping a meter away, her mouth slightly open.
Anya had almost unnatural bright pink lips, and through her open mouth I saw her snow-white teeth.
I moved with a special impulse, Dasha grabbed my buttocks and hot sperm doused her breasts, falling into the hollow and leaving a wet mark on the fabric of the pajamas.
I silently buttoned my fly, looked again at Ani’s mouth and quickly left.
When I woke up, everything was swimming before my eyes, and I was sick.
I guessed that it was morning, but had no idea which day.
With that, there was a bright, almost sharp sunlight, shining through several small windows over my head, the room was spinning and trembling, as soon as I moved my head.

A groan escaped from within.
I took a deep breath, and the walls slowly stopped rotating.
Although my mouth was filled with saliva, my lips were dry.
I tried to wet my lips a couple of times, but I couldn’t.
When I tried to get up, I found that my hands were tied to the head of the bed.
Not understanding what was going on, I twisted my head to look around, but it felt like my head was too heavy for my shoulders.
When I managed to focus my eyes, I saw wide leather straps around each wrist, which were tied to the head of the bed.
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