chat webcam random I honestly tried to swallow everything, but there was so much sperm that the remnants spilled over the edge, soiling my chin and draining it on my chest, stomach, legs.
– Come on, white boy, drink my sperm, swallow the sperm of your mistress! Yes, now you’re a real bitch! I fucked you in the ass, and now I feed you with your seed! Fucking, come on, lick everything! After swallowing everything that had accumulated in my mouth, I licked her prick, licking the sperm and then began to collect and swallow all that glass on my body.
It was divine nectar, and I was happy that I got so much of it! Looking at my happy face, the face of a contented, well-fucked woman, Crystal grinned and patted my cheek! – Good girl! I liked you fuck! You can rest now. port canaveral cruise webcam
Yes, my black mistress was right.

Her divine dick, who drilled a huge crater in my ass, who was now whining sweetly, destroyed the boy in me and made her lustful female.
Yes, I became a girl, a girl who was sitting on the floor with her lips swollen from a blow job, with a rifled glasses, with a blunt face, and devotedly looked at her mistress, grateful to her for amazing sex.
I became not just a girl, but a girl belonging only to her, my master, serving only her divine dick and serving only her wishes! When Crystal left the room and went to rest, I was tired, exhausted, covered in sperm, with a torn ass, burning hard throat, but happy and contented, curled up on the carpet.
I understood that my life changed forever, but I was not afraid of it. chat webcam random