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– whispered lips.
– How you felt good! – flashed through my head, – and with the man it will be better! Unable to fight with herself and resist the onslaught of fantasies, Christina, curled up and covering her face with her hands, burst into tears.
So she fell asleep.

The body demanded rest from the experience.
Holiday Work, shop, home, kitchen and work again.
The monotony of being helped come to her senses, wiped out what had happened deep in her mind.
Although when meeting him, he was again thrown into cold sweat, and her legs became wadded.
She noticed that he was looking at her differently.
If earlier it was the subordinate’s gaze on the chief, now she was catching the gaze of an interested man.
Thank God, they had almost no points of contact, because she did not know how to behave when he was even accidentally touched.
Unconsciously when meeting with him, she straightened her hairstyle, pulled up, becoming more feminine.
The voice showed a delicate shade, and in the lower abdomen it ached sweetly.
It is another birthday.
It must be said that according to the tradition once established, the birthdays of the employees were celebrated in the department.
Not to say that it was a cool party, but to sit at the same table, drink wine, dance, in the end, it worked.

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Usually Christina sat with the staff for half an hour, and then left.
She intended to do so today, though, for some reason, she called her husband and warned that they had a holiday, and she could linger.
According to her conscience, after the feast she was going to sit at the papers for which there was a catastrophic lack of time.
Everything went as usual.
Congratulations to the birthday girl, a gift from the staff of the first toasts.
The people drank.
Saturated and began to gradually dissolve into groups: who smoke; who shared gossip; and who danced.
She was about to leave in English, not saying goodbye to herself and working, but he intercepted her on the way and offered to dance.
In a state close to panic, she wanted to give up.
But it was too late! He gently took her hand in his and she, without having had time to say anything, with a trembling in her knees, on her stiff legs, with a flaming face, followed him into a circle.
And when he pulled her to him, and his hand gently lay on the waist, she just floated.
In the ringing head was empty, in his temples pounded.
My heart beat with a hammer in my chest.
Throat was dry.
For some reason circles swam before my eyes.
A silly smile stuck to her face.

She felt as if from the side, how firmly her hands were pressing her against a strong hot body, enveloping her in an invisible cocoon.
He bent down and said something, but she did not understand that she simply nodded.
Time stopped.
She felt so good in his arms that she almost cried.
And when his hand casually pressed to the buttocks, she realized that she had flowed, as in panties it became hot and wet.
But the dance ended and, having gathered all the strength and remnants of determination, she said thank you and explained that she needed to work.
He volunteered to take her to the office.
Christina did not have the strength to resist this, and she nodded submissively and moved toward the exit.
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