estherhotking s bio and free webcam She bent over Veronica and grabbed her clit.
Veronica moaned loudly – the previous games now gave way to pain in her exhausted clit.
Karina, not paying attention to Veronica’s moans, began to play with her clitoris – she squeezed him with fingers, rubbed and tugged at him, then began to lick Veronika’s crack: she tickled the clitoris with her tongue, bit her mouth, rubbed it into her mouth, rubbed it with her teeth. estherhotking s bio and free webcam
It seemed to Veronica that her clitoris was swollen and could no longer withstand such treatment.

Karina went to her vagina – she began to bite Veronica’s labia, pull them away with her teeth to the side, caress the inner lips with her tongue, penetrated the vagina.
To Veronica everything that happened seemed monstrous – the girl had never touched her, she considered it unnatural.
But she could not help it – Karina knew how to give pleasure to a woman – after all, she herself was a woman, she found the most secret and sensitive places, made Veronica tremble and wriggle with passion. estherhotking s bio and free webcam