fox webcam Then, smiling at herself in reflection and apparently satisfied with her appearance, she again climbed under the sheets and took the book in her hands and began to read it.
The train was at the station, the locals walked outside the window, shouting selling wine, beer, taranka and other edible and alcohol.
Then the train started off again, and the neighbor in the compartment was still not there.
Mom looked at the clock and continued to leaf through the book.

About 30 minutes later, our neighbor reappeared on the threshold, he had a half liter plastic bottle with red wine in his hand.
He sat down in front of his mother, put the bottle and pulled out two plastic cups.
I only saw his hands pouring wine into glasses, then he began to open a chocolate bar and break it into pieces.
Mom looked at all these preparations and asked Mom: – “And what are you going to get drunk here?” And for whom is the second glass?

”Anatoly: -“ Why should we get drunk, cultural drink of local domestic wines.
Alain you do not want to try, very tasty and most importantly natural and healthy! Mom: – “No thanks, I don’t drink what kind of beater is not clear!” (And stared at the book pointedly) Then there was a long dialogue in which mom initially refused to drink.
Anatoly praised the wine, said that the store is not buy.
He explained that in this way he wanted to make amends for his guilt, he hadn’t thought to offend such an intelligent and beautiful woman. perfect body on webcam
Yes, and with him this is the first, he himself can not understand what found him.
He meets such a beautiful woman for the first time in his life and is already glad to have only one conversation with her.
Her mother’s stern expression went away and gradually she began to thaw from compliments.
Soon she was already talking to a man in a calmer tone.
He persuaded my mother to try the wine, at first she only sipped it a bit, but apparently she really liked the wine, because then she drank a whole glass, and the man poured her a second one.

Mom, having forgotten that she was in one very short nightgown, was already sitting sideways with a folded sheet, stretching out her charming legs on a shelf.
She created the impression of an ancient goddess with a cup of wine.
The faint light of a night lamp falling on her beautiful female body gave great sharpness to everything that happens.
They talked quietly, savored the wine, remembering something.
This went on for a very long time, the neighbor did not take any attempts to seduce his mother, although she was already not much fun.
I was already beginning to really fall asleep, as it was already deep night outside the window.
I looked at the adults a couple of times out of the corner of my eye, but there everything remained unchanged.
I honestly tried not to fall asleep, hoping to see again how my mother was pawed, and if I was lucky, she would be naked again.
But adults only chatted and nothing more happened and I gave up at the mercy of sleep, having decided that today nothing more interesting would happen.

Perhaps if I were not so sleepy, I would have made other conclusions, but my head would not cook, the teenage organism would require sleep.
to be continued.
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There was a half smile on her sleeping face.
The clothe was thrown back.
She was lying on her side, and on the buttock the trail left by the slap, Igor, was blushing.
Having taken the sperm of four males, mother satisfied them completely.
She likes to be the one that makes male members get up, stop.
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