how to spy webcam The office of Madame Solbe was more like a boudoir of a secular lady than a study – there are many paintings on the walls, one mirror wall, a wide bed covered with a pink blanket, a dressing table with chairs and perfume, two chairs, a pouf.
There was a tape recorder on the windowsill, it somehow fell out of the general background and was not noticeable.
Madame Solbe least of all resembled the tenant of the poor boarding house.
This splendid young Frenchwoman amazed Hobbs with her simplicity and cheerfulness.

“Yes, yes,” she exclaimed with joy, as soon as Hobbs appeared, it was just that we needed a doctor.
It seems to me that girls will like you.
I, in any case, you fit perfectly – she smiled.
– I am very glad, thank you for your frankness, you also liked me as a woman and as a hostess, I will be happy to serve you.
“And so,” Madame Solbe shot an intriguing look – the exchange of courtesies is over, please sit down, talk about business, she sank deep into the chair against Hobbs and her sturdy red legs, far above the knees, immediately caught my eye.

Hobbs tried not to look at them.
– Do you already know anything about our boarding house? – No, nothing but what is written in the ad.
“Excellent,” Madame Solbe said with pleasure, and she made it easier, more conveniently, having thrown one leg over the other.
Hobs noticed that Madame did not wear gum and stockings were sewn with lace.
Ignore the feet of the hostess failed.
“Our guesthouse,” said Madame, “after a minute of silence,” was intended for girls between the ages of 14 and 19.
Now I have 9 girls – check.
but generally there will be 20 of them.
When girls reach the age of majority we will arrange them to the best of our abilities and external data.
Everything else you learn in the work process.
– How about housing, payment and daily routine? “Madame Solbe went to the window, turned on the tape recorder and said into the microphone:” Mr. cute teen big tits webcam John Hobbs was hired to work in a boarding house on May 24, 1962. web sex hd
He is assigned a room 10, meals at the expense of the guesthouse, without cigars and wine.

The salary of 10,000 francs per month.
Mr. Humboldt forum webcam. Hobbs is obliged to monitor the health of girls at any time of the day, to provide them with necessary medical care, to make an examination once a week, leaving the guesthouse to inform the host where and for how long he is leaving.
Mr. couple caught on camera sex Hobbs is hired and obliged not to tell anyone about the hostel and its staff.
Madame Solbe turned off the tape recorder and looked inquiringly at Hobs.
– Are you satisfied with the conditions? “Well, then,” said Hobs thoughtfully – everything except for a full salary is not correct.
“I can’t change anything,” Madame Solbe said coldly, “if conditions do not suit you, I don’t delay you.”
“She turned on the tape again, but to rewind.
– I will erase the record now and we will assume that our conversation did not take place, not knowing how you are, but I regret it – and her face became more complex.
Hobbs jumped up from his chair: “For God’s sake, I’m not going to give up the job at all – you because of the salary.

I agree.
I am ready for anything, ”Hobs added unexpectedly:“ di you.
“Madame Solbe raised her eyebrows in surprise.
“Sorry,” Hobbs muttered, “let me not make excuses, or I am.”
– No, no – Madame interrupted him.
– I am very glad that I liked you, I hope that this will help us in our work.
After completing the official ceremony, Madame invited to visit the pension.
“Not badly arranged,” said Hobs with pleasure, after they returned to the hostess’s office.
“This is not at all like the beggarly charity of the orphans — someone at home, who finances this luxury?” The table had already prepared a table with a rich dinner.
Madame invited Hobbs to eat.
– Darling Doc! Can I call you that? – Please! – In my opinion, such a reasonable person is better to be frank with you.
Hobbs thanked Madame for the compliment with a nod of her head and again her graceful legs rushed into his eyes.
– Heck.
– he swore to himself, – they are damn good.
– Of course, you understand to contain such a troublesome institution for your money without any benefit, I would not dare.

Yes, besides it would not make sense.
Please try caviar, just yesterday I brought it to me from Russia.
After all, I am not yet old enough to engage in charity, but everyone wants to have their own business.
I have already tried both in the cinema and in the theater, and even tried to play the stock market.
In 1960, I married one broker.
He was 42 years old older than me.
This marriage was absurd to me.
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