john campbell edge pro bass I said that perhaps you can already come back.
Kostya led me back, but just before going ashore, he suddenly turned down some path to the side.
– “Where are you going?” – I was surprised.
– “Do not be afraid, do not get lost.

It’s impossible to get lost on acute. ”
We walked through the reeds parallel to the shore, and then I heard the passionate moans of Zoe.
It was impossible to make a mistake – there, behind the reeds, sex was in full swing.
I stopped.
Kostya looked at me and put his index finger to his lips: they say, keep quiet.
He began to creep forward, and I was so confused that I did not have time to stop him.
The moans and oohs of Zoe, interspersed with the sounds of kisses, continued.
She already just screamed: “More !!! I want more !!!” Hidden Kostya looked at me and beckoned to his hand.

I was numb.
In the same place, my dad and I, as a good daughter, should not see it.
Kostya came back to me, took my hand and pulled me along. john campbell edge pro bass
I moved for Kostya almost like a somnambulist in prostration.
My heart just trembled with growing excitement.
And Kostya literally set me up, barely hidden by bushes about fifteen meters from my father and Zoe.
It was just a fascinating sight.
Zoe lay on her back with her legs spread, and Dad literally rammed her with his Rod in perfect ecstasy.
They were as one whole.
I saw Dad’s Rod, wet with the juice of Zoe, with a sweep of Zoi.
Sometimes he teased her, taking out his torso with a movement.
He looked into her eyes, waiting for Zoe to begin to beg him to continue to caress.
And he received these pleas for new and new penetrations.

I have never seen such passion in the caresses of men and women, even on video.
“How much time does it go on for them? We’ve been watching them for at least five minutes and they’re still not filled with each other.”
God, how beautiful it is !!! “- I thought, feeling the pleasant moisture between my thighs.
Recovering, I looked at Kostya.
He looked at the people caressing and, clasping the fingers of his Druzhka, frantically shifted the wet Hood, now exposing, then closing the big bright pink head.
And he did it exactly in time with the movements of the children, in general with their rhythm.
Noticing my view on him, Kostya whispered: “Do not be afraid, mother allows me to look behind me at such moments.
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