latina naked webcam The shaman angrily shook his tail.
– He had no special signs! – but the wife laid a paw on his shoulder.
– Wait, Reo.
There was such a sign.

Only here – how can you see him? – she sighed, as if gathering with thoughts.
– On the inside of the left thigh, Irie had two small specks.
If it is in the form of a dragon – they are just darker than the rest of the scales, and if in a human form, they look like two moles.
This is the only sign that could not change with age.
– Thank you, Orola.
– Alamarana bowed, intending to say goodbye.
But the old dragon kept her.
– Please, girl.
As soon as you learn something, let us know.
I beg.
– Orola, Reo, as soon as I find out something, I will immediately fly to you.
But – I would not want to give you false hope.
I have to make sure first.
Alamarana bowed as she said goodbye and spread her wings.
– Alamarana is asking for a takeoff! – The lair of Reolahai releases.
Clear sky to you! – The Draconess flew to her lair, puzzled what to do to see these spots in Irie.

Iri woke up fresh and rested.
He stretched a little, the wound did not disturb, then he got up and wrapped himself in a blanket and went to look for Alara.
But the girls were nowhere to be found, but on the chair by the bed lay neatly folded men’s clothing.
The guy got dressed, went out of the cave – it was also empty outside.
“It is already evening, but not close to Stonehelm! Where is she? Okay, I’ll go there alone for a while, you just have to leave her a sign where to look for me.
“Iri entered the cave again and found a beautiful bureau with writing instruments near one wall. alps webcam
He left a note on the pillow and headed for the city.
There he came at sunset.
After walking a little through the streets, Iri still found the library, and to his great joy, there was a cozy tavern next to it.
“If Briol decides to have a bite, then most likely it’s here!” The hunter sat down at the table and made an order.
– Do you miss, handsome? – next to him fell a stranger girl.

She was dressed in a hunting suit, only the buttons on her shirt were unbuttoned revealing a luxurious neckline.
The blond hair of the stranger was loose and combed so that a long strand covered her right eye.
In one hand, she held a graceful pipe, which, incidentally, had long gone out.
– Not certainly in that way.
I’m just waiting for my order.
– The guy didn’t like the girl’s cheeky tone, especially since she didn’t look like a girl of easy virtue.
– I want a light! The stranger breathed out and leaned toward the hunter so that her chest almost fell out of the neckline of the shirt.
Irie blushed deeply from such an ambiguous statement, and coughed to hide his embarrassment.
And suddenly a familiar voice rang out behind his back: “Nadine, if you get a light here, it’s not the one that you expected.”
– Next to Irie, opposite the girl from the village of Alara.
– Oh, yes, there is a girl here, next to which matches are not needed! – smiled blonde.
– And I am sitting opposite the girl, for whom the “bitch” is not an insult!

You know, I always wondered what color your second eye was? – mockingly snigged the dragon.
Iri saw Briol entering the tavern and was alert.
– And what are you so clucked, flying maid? Just laid a particularly good egg? – I should learn this from a chicken like you! The hunter tried to give a voice: – Ladies, ladies, calm down! – but the opponents did not pay him the slightest attention.
Their apparent hostility was no less long than the acquaintance itself.
– Wear high boots? – Alara grinned venomously.
– What, even the scythe does not mow the vegetation on the legs? – But I have hair! – Nadine sat, clinging to the table – and her long nails already left deep grooves on its surface.
– Aha, and – everywhere! – dragon nostrils widened – Irie was worried that she would now release smoke.
Nadine suddenly stood up straight.
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