lesbian group cam A special master taught slaves to choose, apply, and make cosmetics in order to look beautiful, sexy and desirable, but without challenge and vulgarity.
However, the master showed how to make up to look like an absolute whore.
The old fag was no doubt a great master, and with great chagrin he appointed a spanking if I was mistaken or overdid it.
I am distressed by you, Madeleine, I am very distressed! – this old horseradish was broadcasting.

– My art is designed to make people beautiful! And you! What are you doing?! Well, why did you choose such a bright lipstick? You have wonderful sponges !! You only need to emphasize their beauty and sensitivity! And you, Madeleine, look like a vampire, detached from the victim’s neck !! Such a talented girl! Very sorry, Madeleine.
Ten strokes! And I received ten full blows of the whip.
By the way, Mrs. webcam monitor key Sylvia, who could not bear the old whimper, “accidentally” let slip that he was wanted by the police in a dozen countries for pedophilia.

Therefore, he sits bezvylazno in the Academy and teaches slaves and slaves to the art of makeup.
But I must pay tribute to the elderly gomik: he still taught me to choose parfumin and to be beautiful.
Another significant course was learning to dress.
To dress discreetly, but effectively, so that even in a prison uniform look sexy and desirable, and, at the same time, not to push the mistress into the background, to play along with her.
The queen of the ball should look and feel the lady, not her slave.
In special dressing rooms, I picked up an outfit by outfit on the instructions of the teacher.
She told Mrs Silvia in front of me: “Madeleine has impeccable taste, she perfectly understands her role and selects clothes for this role”. public cam porn
They taught us to move in the same way.
Mrs. Alanya online web camera. Anna taught to walk in high heels and coarse shoes to look like sexy and desirable, and a complete fool who does not cause anything but disgust.

Oddly enough, they taught me self-defense.
If I’m a complete lesbian, I had to be able to defend myself from male harassment, both verbally and physically.
First you need to try to explain that I am not of “these”, then demonstrate my unsuitability as an object for sex, but if that was not enough, the fists would go.
It really helped that I did a little aikido.
The master of self-defense, Ms. shower hidden cam porn Tess, praised my ability to use the power of the enemy against him.
And then they went to practical exercises.
I do not know where they recruited such personnel, maybe from a local prison? I was dressed in a skirt and blouse and ordered to wait for something in the reception manager.
A few minutes later, a big bull with an extremely stupid face entered the reception room.
He sat down not far from me and began to stare at me.
I defiantly ignored him.
But it seemed that he did not care, he sat down with me and began to paw.

I left it.
But the scarecrow could not stop.
He again sat down and unzipped his fly, showing his unit, and the truth is very impressive size.
I don’t know, maybe when I was still a naturalka.
No, I never liked such males.
The same Pasha-Bull, the twin of this bully, how many licked at me.
But now all the more such things didn’t work on me.
Realizing that demonstration of their “dignity” will not achieve anything, the Bull has turned to violence.
He did not expect resistance from the girl three times less and four times lighter.
The scarecrow grabbed my hair and tried to force me to put my gun in my mouth.
An ordinary woman would have fought and, eventually, brutally beaten, yielded to the rapist, but I was taught.
I just punched him in the balls.
The effect exceeded all expectations.
The big man twisted, bulging his eyes and pressed his hands to his groin.
Stepping back, I jumped up and hit my heel on the back of my head.

The scarecrow fell, jerked and calmed down.
The next seducer was from high profile hearts who collect women like other brands.
I gladly drank wine, (God, how much I did not drink alcohol, even beer ?!), I laughed at his jokes, but when he crawled under my skirt, I broke a few fingers to him.
He got angry, grabbed a table knife, but received a bottle from my head.
He knocked out, but the bottle did not break.
Then I lowered his pants to him and shoved a bottle in his ass.
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