live webcam chat littlebitchy I gave my ass a little rest and set to work.
A little pushing the bed, standing close to the wall, I put back the cutting.
His length was such that he would have entered my anus by 20 centimeters if I had been standing with my feet on the bed.
I planted a four-fold inflatable mattress under my feet, stood on it and carefully attached a cutting to my hole.

He firmly rested on my anus, slightly expanding it.
Never before has my ass been so stretched.
Never before has a subject of such thickness entered me.
Excitement took my breath away, I longed for this fat cylinder to enter me, even in spite of the intense pain.
I pulled the thread and pulled out the cork plugging the mattress.
The air whistled out of the mattress.
He was slowly blown away, dropping me on the stake.
The shank more and more firmly rested against my anus, expanding it more and more.
I breathed deeply and tried to relax the sphincter.
The stalk slowly opened the gates of my anus, crawling inside.

Pleasant itching in the pope slowly increased.
Here, finally, the familiar feeling, when the entrance to the anus stretched to about the size of a large cucumber, and continued to stretch further.
The pain in the pope gradually intensified, and finally reached the point where I usually, unable to endure it, stopped trying to put myself on the cutting.
I involuntarily began to rise on tiptoe, while the mattress, meanwhile, continued to deflate.
Finally, I reached the moment when, even completely standing on my tiptoes, I began to slowly descend onto the cutting.
Its spherical end began inexorably to push my sphincter apart, and the pain in the expandable anus became so strong that I involuntarily groaned.
My dick stuck out like a pillar and I began to masturbate to at least a little bit to drown out the pain.
A slight wiggle made the cuttings penetrate me even more. korea couple cam sex
I couldn’t take it anymore! I, standing on tiptoes, already all stretched into a string.

I did not have enough height to get off the cutting, and the pain in the pope was just unbearable.
I was desperately masturbating, waiting for the moment when the cutting will finally enter me.
And he was just pushing my sphincter apart.
What is he fat, it’s just a nightmare! My anus was burning with fire, I was moaning from pain and trying hard to relax the sphincter, when I suddenly felt that something huge was slowly creeping into my anus.
Tears rolled from his eyes.
Oh, it was unbearably painful and pleasant! My ass torn apart took a stalk! He slowly entered me, causing burning pain.
Oh, I can’t bear it! The mattress has not yet been blown away even by half, and my ass is already blazing like a hot pepper.
I could no longer think about anything, only my poor ass and a thick stalk filling it all over.
How much I kept going down I do not remember: a minute, maybe two or five.
All this time I masturbated and moaned in pain, until finally the tips of my fingers touched the surface of the bed through the deflated mattress.

Completely exhausted, I tried to somehow rise above the bed, but my butt was firmly planted on the cuttings.
I do not know how else to describe this feeling, but I probably experienced something similar to an orgasm.
Attacks of pain followed by bouts of euphoria.
I felt almost pierced with an intolerable burning sensation in the anus, but at the same time I was choking with excitement, with only one thought that I put myself on a stake and was standing on my own bed with a thick cutting in the anus and burning pain that turned me into a clot of bliss .
This story happened to me this summer when I was riding the subway in New York.
There it is arranged a little differently than here, I will not go into details, I can only say that on the metro you can go to the suburbs in about 1, 5 hours.
Actually there I was going, to my friend.
It was very early, but not looking at it, there were so many people in the carriage that it was impossible for me to even raise my hand, but the windows were open and the ride was quite tolerable (it was not stuffy, which is surprising).

Next to me, in front and behind, drove two guys, pretty cute at first glance.
We drove about five minutes, and then I felt that the hand of one of them stroked my thigh, and quite frankly.
I tried to remove his hand, but I didn’t succeed, and in the meantime he leaned over to my ear and spoke: “Do not twitch.”
We won’t hurt you.
Are you fucked? I was silent as a partisan.
– Speak, otherwise it will be worse.
After all, we will achieve our goal anyway, drive for more than an hour, and here we have almost all of our people, hardly anyone will notice you.
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