live webcam online The eagle wanted to peck at the anal, or what? “What is it about Larka’s ass so bare?” – thought Shurik.
He sat down next to the woman, it turned out that her jeans were slightly open at the front, that is, both the front and the back of her jeans were torn at will.
The button and the zipper on the jeans went off so much that Shurik saw a velvet tummy and curly hairs on Lara’s pubis.
He leaned over to her ear and asked: – What are you, without panties? Lara blushed slightly and nodded.

Shurik felt his friend tense up.
He whispered to the woman: – Then you are mine.
Now, if you were in shorts, then you could still doubt it, and without panties you just need to take you.
Let’s go for a walk.
– I do not mind, I will go to the bushes, take off my jeans and wear swimming trunks so that we can get away from everyone.
– Yes, we go, I just take off jeans with you in a little forest, or I’ll take off my knees and: – No, I don’t want to get my jeans dirty, and I have a pair with my trunks.
– Then I swim for a while.

The people had already drunk the second, the third; they all revived, shouted, started singing, drank, flirting with each other.
Shura bathed, Lara stood in birch trunks and turned to the water, to the forest, slyly showing off her charms, her luxurious ass brazenly “ate” her panties from behind, and her pubic front was only slightly covered, even curled hairs on both sides of the strip of matter.
– Come to me, Shurik, I love wet.
Shurik embraced her, hugging, his dignity again became closely in swimming trunks.
The woman whispered dreamily: – Thick: – What? “I know that Tolstoy is teasing you, but now I’m not talking about you, but about him.” live webcam online
Lara squinted down.
– Thick and long: She, embracing with Shurik, palms her hand over his penis.
Melting indecent sticking out.
Lara fingered the nipple of the man’s full chest and rubbed it.
– What are you doing? Went into the forest.
– Come on.
Everyone spent a couple of looks, but did not comment on their departure.

Lara and Shurik found a small “patch”, surrounded on all sides by trees.
It seems that the place is, thank God, used not as a toilet, but as a place to have someone by someone.
The grass has been heavily crushed everywhere.
Shurik with impatient hands pushed the bra cups up and pulled the panties down to the knees from the woman.
With one hand, he caressed Lara’s chest, lightly pinching nipples between fingers, the other hand wrungly between his partner’s legs.
Lara “flowed”, she moaned, arching in the hands of men.
Shurik let her go for a few seconds, shifted her swimming trunks down and put Lara’s hand on her farm.
He again hugged his partner, the brush of his right hand was again between the hot thighs of the woman.
Shurik began to take turns licking and sucking Lara’s nipples.
She, breathing heavily, tore him from this occupation, put her index finger into Shurik’s mouth and began to reciprocate with her finger, “fuck” the guy in the mouth.
Her other hand was occupied by a grown and strong member of a man.

So they spent some time in safe sex.
Finally, Shurik took off his thong with his partner, put it on with a crustacean and took possession from behind; they finished together.
– Good! Now would take a nap, soak up after this ento business: – Shurik, let’s go to my house, you can soak in there.
– A team? – Do without us! – And husband? – So he is an artist.
And these artists, they are so depraved! He himself swings me to any different group sex.
And he is now in the open air.
– A beautiful word.
– Yeah! In fact, he, for sure, like you now, someone in nature pulls.
– Persuaded.
Then let’s go.
Now no one paid any attention how they left.
Lara had no one at home.
Lovers took a shower in turn.
Lara sprawled on the couch, spreading her hips wide and beckoning Shurik with her finger.
With her left hand, she pointed him to a place for kisses and other exquisite tenderness, and with her right hand gently directed his head to this very place, so that his mouth fell right into the tender gap.

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