marrylouanne s bio and free webcam Mine also does not want to sit on the pot.
As I just did not entertain him: popped toys, read books.
Still trying to stand up.
Only when one can see what he wants in a small way or in a big way.

Before big things, the child usually grunts and strains.

And with the little ones even easier.
My home is usually all day holopit, so it’s easy to determine.
:))) I know what you are talking about.
At my he swells and begins to move.
Straight inconvenient to look at this thing.
Let holopopit.
I began to accustom him to the pot somewhere in the year.
I sat down and waited.
And if he refused to do his business, then I poured water on him on the pisyunchik: just a little, a couple of drops.
Sometimes even now, a two-year-old, I do that. webcam hd full
It works flawlessly.
I heard that many already at this age are beginning to accustom to the pot, but I think it is too early.
I just leave it for a couple of minutes to lie naked when I change diapers.
Surprisingly, almost always pees.
And hardening, and diapers save.
A nurse in a children’s clinic recently taught me this — after I complained to her that I could not take a urine test from a child.

Try to persuade the six-month to pee in a jar.
She says to me: do not have to persuade, just massage the lower abdomen to cause the desired urge.
First you massage – until you see that there is a call for a little.
They have already written here, in boys this is very easily determined.
🙂 In general, I saw that something was happening to the pisyunchik, you quickly pick up the legs so that he doesn’t splash them and say something appropriate like “writing pish-pis”.
Usually within a minute he starts writing.
And if you want to speed up the process, you can tickle the baby.
Tickling immediately makes him relax and let the stream flow.
It would immediately say: tickle.
marrylouanne s bio and free webcam