real dad and daughter webcam Want! – whispered Natasha, blushing – And you do not cheat? Come on together? – I suggested – You take off your panties, and I sweatpants.
Come on We lay on his back with a jack.
I resolutely took hold of the gum of the workout and quickly pulled them down, which made the dick stand up and stood at attention.
Natashka lifted the hem of her dress, took hold of her panties and slowly pulled them down, staring at my cock.

I stood up and looked at the emerging strip of an unburned body.
Finally, opened the incision neat girlish pussy.
Then Natashka stopped for a moment, and then with a decisive movement took them off completely and spread her legs.
I also got rid of the workouts.
You promised to show what the children come from – Natasha reminded.
I knelt between the Natasha’s legs and, holding onto the dick, violently began to jerk off, looking at Natasha’s pussy incision.
It took me only a few seconds to finish, splashing Natasha’s stomach and tummy with sperm.
Breathing heavily, I lay back.
Natasha wiped the cum with her panties and lay down next to her.
How are you all arranged! – she said thoughtfully – Can I touch him? I nodded.
Natasha took the dick in her pen and, bending over him, began to examine.

From her touch dick began to rise. real dad and daughter webcam
How interesting! – whispered Natasha, bent down and sniffed dick – And it smells nice.
And how do you do it, well, get it? I began to explain to Natasha how to masturbate.
Natasha, following my instructions, ineptly began to drive the skin back and forth, sometimes pulling so hard that it hurt.
But from what this girl does, the dick was ready to burst with excitement.
Natasha, – I begged – take it in your mouth! Natasha opened the lips and took the head in her mouth, never ceasing to masturbate.
Sweat broke out on her forehead.
This was the last straw – I wailed and began to lower.
Natasha immediately recoiled, but part of the sperm still got into her mouth.
And I still poured, it seemed it would never end.
Finally I dried up and stretched out on a blanket.
Natashka wiped her lips with her panties, lay down next to me and immediately filled me up with a bunch of questions: why doesn’t she have sperm splashing, why I can’t get it right away, how babies come out of sperm, etc.
I myself didn’t understand much (it wasn’t in those dark times of sexual enlightenment of the younger generation, and there wasn’t really any sex), but I tried to explain everything to Natasha in my own words, said what our pussies are called in an adult way everything that he knew himself.

During my story, Natasha was playing with a cock, and I, putting my hand on my pussy, gently stroked it.
Either from the story, or from my hand, Natasha became excited and began to masturbate again.
I stopped her hand, went down, lay down between the legs and pressed my lips to the young cunt.
What an unforgettable smell and taste of pussy in a young virgin! We begin to understand this already in adulthood, after trying a bunch of pussies.
But we will remember only one, the very first.
What a pleasure to lick off the drops of grease along with sweat from the delicate petals of this unopened bud!
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