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I took it out completely, and then sharply introduced to the end.
And then pulled out.
It was so mesmerizing that I even forgot to masturbate.

And I’m not alone.
Those sitting on the couch, too, looked at what was happening in front of them like spellbound.
They were even more surprised, because they did not feel what I felt when this huge member moved from my ass to Lena’s endless ass.
And so when I released my part, they did not start to understand, and then they even practically stopped jerking when they realized how much was in Lena.
And when I started to fuck her, they seemed to stop even breathing. teen dp on webcam
Seeing this, I got just an indescribable feeling.
Sergey, who ordered this spectacle, had a thin stream of saliva flowing from his mouth, but he didn’t even notice it.
An indescribable rumble of feelings out of surprise, some squeamishness and insane lust was written on Andrey’s face.
It was evident that he had never seen his wife like this.
And suddenly I was seized with the understanding that, seeing this all, they all completely lost their will and became obedient to mine.
It was not even understanding, but firm confidence.
It was so exciting that my voice was low, and it seemed to me that I was about to end only from the feeling of the received power.
A huge amount of fantasy immediately appeared in my head how and what can be done.
Very tempting fantasies.
And the main thing was that you can do everything.
Continuing to fuck Lena with one hand, I pushed the second one into her unfolded and current slot and immediately felt that Lena had been finishing all this time. teen dp on webcam