teen slave webcam When I came to, I laid Olya on the bench, quickly pulled off her panties, spread her legs wide apart, put her legs on the desks’ covers and pressed her mouth to her oozing pussy.
Olya turned out to be a natural blonde, and her delicate white pubic fluff pleasantly tickled my face.
Spreading my tongue over the tender sex lips, I began to lick the pink elastic pussy hard, which was no match for my mom’s girlfriends.
It gave me an incredible pleasure to drive the tongue in the Deer Hole, then deeply thrust it inside and rotating it there, then quickly – quickly moving the tip of the tongue along its clitoris.

When I felt that Olya was already on the verge, I put three fingers into my vagina and began to tame myself with all my strength.
We finished at the same time.
Olya bent so strongly in her back that she literally hung on the bench.
I have never seen such a violent orgasm! I finished for the first time in my life, licking someone’s pussy.

Then we cleaned ourselves up, merging several times in a passionate kiss, and went home.
After this evening, we tried to retire as often as possible in order to give each other the pleasure of owning a loved one.
I did not expect that Olya would be such an adventurist.
Unlike me, hiding our relationships from friends and, especially, from the family, Olya was so filled with feelings for me that sometimes it spilled out in the most inappropriate places.
Then she kisses me on the neck in the neck, then, with all of them, she gently strokes my ass, then she clasps her from behind and squeezes my breasts tightly.
I was all very pleased, but did not want rumors to spread about us.
And once, during the demonstration of the educational film, while it was dark in the class, she put her hand into my panties and, in a matter of minutes, brought me to orgasm. sex videos from hidden camera
As I did not shout at the whole class then, I myself cannot understand.

We sorely lacked sex together.
But once Olya told me the good news that her mother, like her father, got a day job, and now we can enjoy each other at home until the very evening.
The next day, immediately after the lessons, we went to Ole.
For the first time I was at Olya’s house.
It was a luxurious four-room apartment on the second floor of a five-story building.
As soon as we were inside, from one of the rooms, merrily waving its tail, a huge marble mason ran out.
From surprise, I backed away.
– Do not worry, this is Jack, – said Olga, grabbing my hand, – he is very good! Jack came up to me, sniffed between my legs, and then licked my cheek.
To do this, he did not even need to tear off his front paws from the floor, since his muzzle was at the level of our shoulders.
– You see, he liked you.
– Olya bent down, unbuttoning the clasps on his sandals.
Jack instantly shoved his face under her dress.
– Foo, Jack!

Leave me alone! – the dog sadly trudged into the room from which he had left.
– Let’s go to my room.
The situation in Olya’s room was the most ordinary.
There was a wardrobe in the corner, a writing desk by the window, a rather wide bed stood near one wall, and along the other there were two small chairs with a bedside table in the middle, which also served as a coffee table.
– Make yourself comfortable.
– Olya offered, taking off her dress over her head.
I hesitated a little, but at that time Olya was already taking off her panties, completely exposed.
– Well, how are you non-native, right! – walking bare foot on a fluffy carpet, she approached me, – Let me help you! While I, shaking hands with excitement, coped with the dress, Olya deftly lowered my pants from me and put my hand between my legs.
Lubricants have already stood out enough, and Olin’s finger quickly slid between my sexual lips.

When, finally, I took everything off of myself, we moved to Olya’s bed.
For the first time in our meetings, we were not afraid of being caught off guard.
It seemed to me that our caresses lasted forever.
Olya lay on her back, and I was located on top, with my head between her divorced legs.
Our tongues fluttered in the vaginas of each other, delivering incomparable bliss.
After some time, Olin language moved to my clit, giving way to a place inside me, first one and then two more fingers of my girlfriend.
Very little time passed, and her palm completely entered me.
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