usb 2 0 hd uvc webcam I was 18 years old, I just finished school.
In order to get a higher education, I had neither money nor intelligence.
But I had a pretty face and an excellent figure, and I was going to take advantage of it.
It is worth noting that I did not intend to work as a prostitute or a stripper for moral reasons.

These are double standards.
And so I found what I was looking for for so long: “The office of a successful private entrepreneur requires a female secretary, with a range of responsibilities that goes beyond the typical work of this kind,” with the notation “without complexes”.
All this, together with a huge salary, made it clear that in this position my holes would be in demand no less than my education.
I made up, dressed up, and went to the interview.
They sat with me in the waiting room and waited their turn with half a dozen girls; all dressed up, as if only from the panel.

Someone immediately went out, someone lingered inside the office.
Finally, it was my turn; I entered the office and appeared before an attractive middle-aged man – my future boss.
Good afternoon, my name is Mikhail Yuryevich – he said.
Victoria Very nice.
Get undressed.
I was ready for something similar, but such straightforwardness still shocked me.
After a few seconds of confusion, I submitted.
Great, turn your back, bend over and spread your buttocks apart.
Great – he repeated when I got cancer in front of him.
– have you had anal sex? Not.
– I replied.
At that moment, standing completely naked in the office in front of an unfamiliar man, I began to get some kind of lecherous pleasure.
I began to flow openly, and this was not ignored.
Finally! We needed a girl who would enjoy such things, and not just endure for the sake of money! You are accepted, come to work on Monday. manchester live webcam
When you go out, tell those who stayed there that they can be free.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: you will have a special dress code.
Forget about any underwear.
You should dress so that everyone can see your private parts.
In general, so that the most fucking fucking envy.
He gave me a contract for signing, which I foolishly did not read, and it was written in it that I have no right to complain about any humiliation or insult, and that I take responsibility for everything that happens to me at this work for myself.
Well, so began a new chapter in my life.
On Monday I wore the most fucking look that was in the closet.
Huge neckline, tight skirt, no linen.
I even thought I had gone too far, but my boss decided otherwise.
As soon as I entered his office, he went berserk: Is there a monastery for you? You probably did not understand your responsibilities! – and with these words he lowered my head to the level of his fly by the hair.
He pulled out his half-full, not very long, but terribly thick cock – I could barely wrap him around with both hands – and drove my monster into my open mouth.

While he did not get up, he barely climbed into my mouth, but, gradually expanding, he tore my mouth from the inside.
According to my screams, the boss understood this, and not without effort pulled out a dick.
Here you have a free refresher course! – He growled, tearing all the clothes on me and putting cancer.
The next minute, which seemed like an eternity to me, he tried to shove his dick through my pussy, which had just been visited by a couple of lucky ones.
When, finally, he succeeded, he slowly began to fuck me so as not to break.
It lasted a long time, the pain was incredible.
During this action, one employee looked into his office, but when he saw that his boss was busy, he quickly retired with a moronic grin.
When it came to an end, he pulled out a member and finished off my back, face and hair.
Directly in this form, he threw me out of the office, shouting: That’s the way you should come to work! – And I looked like this: breasts fell out of a dress torn in half, the skirt just hung from the side.

Hair strands stuck together because of sperm, the back shone.
The thought that I was going to go home right now was catching up on thoughts of suicide.
The nearest toilet was on the floor below, separated from the stairs by a hundred tables with office plankton.
But there were no options.
As luck would have it, when I tried to run straight, right in the center of this huge hall, my heel broke and I fell.
usb 2 0 hd uvc webcam