vanessa del webcam This unusual spectacle could still attract unwanted attention to us.
It is good that it was at dawn, and nobody noticed her acrobatics.
I had to drive her into the house and arrange a dragging out: – How many times do you say: get dressed decently, do not attract the attention of people! And then it was necessary to go to the store, buy some of the products.
She categorically refused to go without me: – I can not leave the object of protection without supervision.

Buy a guard dog and only with it you can stay for a short time without me.

Then I exploded.
– You know, my dear, for your stubbornness, today I punish you by carving rods on your bare ass.
To obedient was not stupid! She was determined to ask how it was “carve it with rods.”
But I went to the courtyard, where I cut suitable rods from a willow bush. teen handjob on webcam
Then he heated the water in the gas column and poured boiling water on the bars in the trough.
Will you science.
She stands defenseless booty upside down.
In the evening, Olga tuned in soap operas again.

She forgot about the upcoming punishment, apparently did not attach importance to my words.
But I said: – Get ready for punishment.
Stand on the stool with your knees and lower your pants and panties to the knees.
Now bend down and put your hands on the floor.
And here she stands defenseless booty up, head down.
The white hemispheres are parted, the brown hole of the anus is looking up at the ceiling, folds of sponges are visible between the thighs, and individual hairs are sticking out.
It is impossible to take away hands from the floor – the balance will immediately be broken.
I deliberately put her in such an uncomfortable position, so that I could feel my helplessness.
– Do not go – I say – around the yard in a bathing suit, do not twist in the yard somersaults! – And punched her in the ass rod.
– Do not attract attention to us, otherwise you have been harassed by a witch, people shy away from us.
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