watch free webcam he asked, almost offended.
– What are you! Of course, I will, but not with my hand, as I did to Anton, but with my mouth.
Then Maxim was silent, not understanding what it was about me.
Then he completely undressed and, by my order, lay down on the bed with a member sticking out.

His pisyun was a little different from Antoshkin.
It was a little longer, but thinner, the testicles were a little tighter than the other, and there were no pubic hairs at all.
The head was completely hidden by the foreskin.
Meanwhile, I climbed on top of him and started kissing his neck and slowly descended to my chest.
Reaching the nipples, I gently began to lick the tip of the tongue, first the right nipple, then the left.
From my touch, Maxim began to puff with pleasure.
Slowly dropping further, I finally got to the cherished “column”, licked the entire trunk from the testicles to the head and greedily took it entirely in the mouth.
– Oh, fucking!

Fuck yourself how nice it is! – he puffed through the groans.
I was possessed by an unprecedented courage, and began to suck the penis with great speed.
In my mouth, I tried to tongue under the foreskin and lick the head, from which Maxim began to tremble with pleasure.
A minute later, the situation Maxim took control of himself, and already he was fucking me in the mouth, I just kept my head in one place.
Through a series of loud moans, I managed to hear that the boy would finish soon, and I slowed down a bit, stretching his unprecedented pleasure. dungeness webcam
The stretch turned out to be short-lived, and Maxim was all shaken and finished in my mouth.
His sperm turned out to be slightly smaller than Anton’s, but I still swallowed it, which I had never done before.
Sucking off the remnants, until the penis was completely reduced, I pulled him out and got off the bed.
Then I noticed that Anton had been jerking off all this time for what was happening and had finished a second time.

The picture in the room was unimaginable, two boys, tired, sweaty, fully satisfied, lay in bed and baldeyut.
As for me, I, I do not remember at what point in this story, managed to finish my pants.
I went to the door to leave, and they shout at me: “Thank you for the lesson.”
And will there be such classes? – If you want, then of course they will.
After all, it was only “flowers”.
You still do not know much about sex, – I told them at last and returned to my office.
In my head was going on, something not imaginable.
I still could not believe what had happened, but the fact that I liked it was a fact! The following lesson I will tell in the second part.
To be continued.
The rise in the camp occurred quickly and clearly.
The guys poured out of the tents without the extra effort of educators and lined up in the usual ranks of exercises.
Habitual exercises were performed along with the counselor.
After charging and washing the boys went to breakfast at the central branch of the state farm, which was the head of their school.

Roma and Serozha stayed with the camp counselor in the camps and until the arrival of the bus with the pupils and breakfast for them, they began to do the usual things for them.
– Guys, restore order and you can relax, and I will go to my place.
– He gave instructions to the leader and went to his house.
– Let’s finish faster.
– Suggested Roma.
– Of course, let’s go and go to the tent, and then you can also sleep until you arrive.
– Seryozh supported him.
The guys began to sweep the site faster.
Soon they finished and went to their place.
Going into the tent, they fell on the bed and just lay there.
– How nice.
– spoke Roma.
– Yes, you are right, if not for one thing.
– answered Seryozha.
– What? – did not understand Roma.
– Look.
– Seryozh proposed.
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