webcam gay free I will say right away about myself my name is Lena, I am 25 years old, a brunette 168 in height, 3 breasts in size, my figure went very well.
This story is about what happened to me in life, and what made it turn all fantasies into reality.
I live with a guy, he is younger than me, but I do not care, the main thing is that I love him and I feel good with him.
It all started with the fact that he began to communicate with his father who left them even when my boyfriend was very young and did not keep in touch with them.

They communicated on the Internet and I noticed he began to change like that in sex, I thought why would it. webcam gay free
And then I climbed up on his page one of his working days then I was at home sick, and found the reason – it turned out he and his father discussed all of their girls whom he excused himself for his years and fully in detail how it was with one or the other I didn’t get around either, they discussed me more than others and I was very excited by what I read: I didn’t say anything to my own about it, but somehow, on one passionate night, he tells me that his father wants to come visit us to visit him since I did not see, I asked n Do not oppose his arrival, to which she replied: Of course, he is not against your father. webcam gay free