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no one bothers me to follow you when you already sailed into the deep part of the pool.
I quickly shorten the distance.

Diving under your body, slowly moving along the track.
Then I turn over to face the surface, rise, equalizing speeds.
My dick touches the hollow between your buttocks.
We are swimming, you are on the surface, I am a little lower.
There are no touches between us.
In addition to the sparkling short circuit between the red-hot head and soft ass.
This is not enough for me, and I cling to your back with my whole breast, my dick pokes between the measuredly walking legs.
A little more and he would have slipped into the cherished depth.
But you – against, for some reason.
You fight and plop again, trying to prevent violent intrusion.
Foam slips and floats.
You flounder, go under the water.
You are again in my arms, I support you above the surface so as not to choke.

And then put your breasts on the line of floats that mark the path.
And you hold on, so as not to go under the water only due to two elastic anchors.
I tremble with excitement – you are completely in my power.
Helpless and affordable.
I dive under the floats and pop up in front of you.
Chest in front of me, appetizing laid on the floats.
I do a stroke and, keeping small movements close, gently fidge one nipple, then the other, with the tip of the tongue.
Grabbing lips, sucking.
Then dive to the crotch.
Finding water on the floor, I am heading straight for the cherished goal.
You fear that the sharp gestures will pull you off the floats. summer camp porn movie
Therefore, especially not resist, when under the water, I take you by the ankles and spread your legs.
Prinikau to pussy, caress her while there is enough air.
I emerge, gulp air and again in the depth, where your legs are already obediently apart, as it should be.
I am again near the source of my passion.
Now I not only caress the tongue of sponges with my tongue, but also penetrate inside with my finger.

Because of the water, I do not feel how wet you are, but judging by the winches of your body on land, you would have flowed a long time ago.
Finally, I can not stand.
Pop up.
I cling tightly.
Your claws are already safe.
Fingers stroking my pubis, playfully crawling on the penis, and then you yourself, bent over, send it to yourself.
In the water, sharp blows fail, but I grab the floats and, pulling up my body, fuck you as sharply as possible.
I want to pierce you, feel how you bend with lust on my penis.
I want to drive as deeply as possible so that you do not have the slightest doubt who your male is and what he can do with you whatever he wants and how he wants.
With each blow, your breasts crawl over the floats, and my fingers make absolutely impossible things with your nipples.
I feel how you end up, fight in the water so that small waves can be heard from our bodies throughout the pool.
I untie the swimsuit that wraps around your wrists, and you gratefully embark on sliding your hands over my thighs.

And then you throw your hand far behind my head and caress my neck and wet nape.
Pretty smile and with pleasure you take kisses covering your neck and shoulders.
Without taking out a member, I tow you to shallow water.
We are lying on our backs on the water.
In motion, you slowly move your legs.
You twist your hips, splashing water.
I am satisfied, you carefully do not let me even for a moment stop feeling my sweetness and delicacy.
I get up on my feet at the end of the pool, turn my face to myself, drop it back onto my dick.
In the water, I can do whatever I want with you – sometimes I throw it high on my penis, sometimes I put it on the water and hold my nipples, directing your body towards myself, sometimes I go under the water.
Your widely divorced legs stand on the tile.
And you, clinging fingers for my shoulders, you begin to sit down on my penis.
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