asian creamy webcam Enema rumbled, squeezed by my hand, and in the depths of the rectum, I felt the pleasant coolness of the fragrant solution.
I poured every last drop deep into my anus, I took out an enema and went to the shower.
After taking a shower and emptying the intestines from excess weight, I propped the anus ring with a cotton swab with toilet water, dressed without wearing underwear like my lover, and went towards the orchestra that played in the alley.
This time he noticed me first.

I stood under a sprawling oak tree, near a small, classic-style fountain with gypsum mermaids and shepherds.
Suddenly, when I felt someone coming up behind me, put my hand on my stomach, I turned around.
Although I did not need to do this to find out that it was him.
Are you so much ready to do what passion tells you? He asked, looking into my eyes and still hugging my waist with his strong hands.
His voice was surprisingly soft and pleasant, as if a stream murmuring in the crevices of the Alps.

But at the same time it was the voice of a young, formed man and the strength and confidence were felt in him.
You know, ”I said, looking down,“ or rather, I hope you know how much I want you. ”
– I replied.
And you are ready to do a lot for me? Even something that he never did to any of his lover? – he stood, looking into my eyes and this look pierced through me.
Oh, my nectar, – suddenly, in a fit of passion, I said, putting my hands on his shoulders, and not thinking what others would think, seeing two young men hug each other, one hugging the other by the waist, and he put his hands on his shoulders, – I am ready for everything, for everything, if only you would allow me to taste your beautiful body. asian creamy webcam
Touch your lovely phallus, your elastic buttocks, feel the cherry of your nipples in your mouth.
– I stood, all trembling with passion, with his head buried in his shoulder.
With his left hand he pressed me closer and he stroked my back with his right.

He brought his lips to my ear, and it seemed that if he kissed me now I would faint, but I felt his hot, but fresh breath and heard him call me his hotel and room.
Raszhav embraces, he came out of the alley, and I, burned with passion, followed him, as if the faithful dog following his handsome master.
He entered the door of the hotel.
After standing a little at the entrance, I went inside the magnificent decoration of the hall.
The manager wanted to talk to me, but then I heard the voice of my beloved: Let this gentleman, Giacomo, come to me.
– He said, standing on the stairs.
The manager smiled at me, as if knowing why I was going up to the room to this handsome young man.
Of course Señor Vinci.
Come in, sir, ”he said, already addressing me,“ Have a good night, señor. ”
Thank you, Giacomo, I said and smiled.
We went up to the room.
It was just luxurious compared to mine, which also cost me a fair amount of lire.
O God, I thought, realizing that at last we were alone and now nothing would prevent him from taking possession of me.

Oh, how I want you! – I groaned sputtering from anticipating the upcoming sex.
Undress please, while I take a shower, I want you to prepare a surprise for my return.
– he threw off his shirt, exposing his magnificent torso and went to the bathroom.
Oh, how wonderful the circumstances made me feel with him.
Oh how sweet those hours are when he will be with me and in me.
Undressing, I thanked the fate again and again for meeting him.
Now I was absolutely naked, waiting for the man to come out of the bathroom, just as naked and fresh after a shower, and embrace me.
I am young and beautiful, and let this beautifully folded.
the male will enjoy my body just as I want to enjoy it.
And so he came out of the bathroom.
As well as on the beach, he was not wiped dry, and droplets of moisture ran down his naked body.
Now I saw him up close, now I could see all his magnificence.
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