bella torres webcam Lying down, Karina pulled her hips away from her belly, unbuttoned, and took off her skirt, which she hung on the back of the sofa.
Left in one T-shirt, she again pulled her legs to her stomach.
I again spread her buttocks and put the tip to the anus.
This time I didn’t have to ask Karina to stretch, the silicone tube slipped easily into her intestines.

My experience suggested that it was best to give her an enema in a supine position.
– Karina, let’s lie on your back.
I took the girl by the knees and ass and helped her to turn.
I bent her legs at the knees and slung over the arm of the sofa.
Having opened the tap, I began to stroke the stomach of my ward, going lower and lower while simultaneously moving the tip in the pope. skype id for cam sex
From her breathing and the way she blushed, it was obvious that this time she got excited much more.
Like the last time she squeezed and unclenched her hips; soon her body arched, she made a noticeable moan and froze.
Looking into the mug, I discovered that a liter and a half had flowed into the intestine of my “patient”.
Her tummy has noticeably increased in size.
I closed the faucet, lifted Karina’s legs and removed the tip, at the same time squeezing her buttocks.
After waiting five minutes, I let the girl go to the toilet.
It turned out that while I was doing an enema, Karine, Ksyusha and Olesya, after stripping down to their panties and bras, watched me do an enema to their sister.
When Karina came out of the bathroom, I invited Ksyusha.
She immediately took off her panties and lay down on the sofa. bella torres webcam