bongacams iwantyooou It is incomparable pleasure.
Then we kiss again and he is ready to continue sex again, but I insist first on the soul.
After a shower, we return to his room and finish drinking cognac.
This time I’m already wearing jeans, although I’m not wearing a t-shirt yet.

He is only in shorts and by his appearance I understand that he really does not want to let me go.
A member of his standing again, I see it in tubercles on his underpants.
– Lech, and Lech! Do you want to stay with me for the night? Your all the same is not.
And mine will not come soon.
He looks at me and in his eyes is downright plea.
It is necessary, the kid to the fuck up! I nod.
– I’m going home, I’ll clean up a bit.
– For myself, I think that it would be necessary to finally pull the cassette out of a video recorder, otherwise the ancestors will find it when they return.
– Then I will come.
He looks at me: – Do you really come?

I am approaching my dear handsome handsome Pasha and kissing him passionately.
– True come, Pavlik.
I owe you something.
– What should? – he does not understand.
– Pop your virgin, you fool! And I’ll tell you the truth: I really, really want to fuck you more.
And more than once!
After that first meeting, I felt remorse, guilt and shame, and decided that I would no longer meet with men.
But my inner desires were stronger and I began periodically (once every 3-4 weeks) to meet with him.
There were several other episodic meetings about which I will write, but it was all remote, as if not entirely mine, too distant and unusual part of my life.
I felt like a natural guy who occasionally reincarnates, just indulges in it, satisfying my fantasies.
But sometimes there are meetings that allow you to feel truly different, otherwise. phone cam sex video
Which really break something, change something inside you, open new sensations, perception of yourself and the world.

I continued to still periodically sit on the dating site flirting and communicating, but for a long time there were no interesting and adequate men who would write to me, those that were – something that repelled me – rudeness, persistence, lack of tact and upbringing.
One evening some Vladimir wrote me, he was about 55 years old, married and a member – 19 cm with a width of 4.
I have not had such ones yet.
He had a photograph of his unit in the album: massive, long, flat, tapering towards the end.
Groin trimmed, but still a little hair.
The thought of such a member turned me on and I sweetly imagined how my lips would clasp this member.
In the course of the correspondence, he threw off his photo to me and I saw him of medium height and build, blue eyes, brown hair, there are already wrinkles on his face.
In general, he did not push me away and we phoned and made an appointment.

He was from another city and came occasionally to my business.
Therefore, I myself rented an apartment for a couple of hours.
We met at the appointed place and I took him to the apartment.
While they started talking, he told me that he was dating a long time with guys and loves such sex) They talked about something else, but apparently it was insignificant and I did not remember.
Finally, we came to the apartment, undressed, and he went to the bathroom, while I, in anticipation of “sweet”, smoked.
Meeting with a new man is always exciting and not like anything, it is difficult to put into words, it’s like a sweet exciting sensation inside you somewhere in the abdomen – “what will his penis taste like,” how will he fuck me, ”“ will he is gentle and cautious. ”
Finally he came out of the shower wrapped in a towel and it was my turn.
In the bathroom, I carefully washed my ass (with a shower hose), put on black stockings and thongs, a dressing gown, and went out into his room.

He sat on the bed and did something in the phone.
Seeing me, he set it aside, got up and I approached him.
He stood behind me and began to greedily embrace and stroke my body with his hands.
His strong strong palms crushed my buns, hips, touched nipples.
His hand began to move the panties to the side and his finger began to massage my hole, which was already wet from the lubricant.
The other hand moved to my segment and stroked this area like a girl.
I was as if in a fog, a wave of lust and excitement swept over me.
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