bongacams t Instead of a chandelier, a floor lamp was burning, giving the room a particularly calm twilight, on the table, on the same tray, there was a bottle of brandy and a bottle of champagne with two glasses.
Light music played.
– Sit down.
– I sat down, and he sat down again to my right, took a bottle of champagne and poured it into glasses.

We clinked glasses and I drank in one gulp.
All the same, alcohol and frost have wonderful properties. bongacams t
He looked at me, and his hand stroked me from knee to hip.
– Want a hot shower? “I will not refuse,” I replied.
He took me to the bathroom.
It was an ordinary bathroom, the walls of which were painted blue.
In the corner, on the right, there was a washing machine on which lay some kind of clean laundry.
– I ask you, put it on, after a shower – he pointed to the linen and closed the door.
I climbed under a warm shower stream.
And I saw on the shelf, items that were kindly prepared for me.
Shaving gel, razor, shower gel and shampoo.
First, I washed, and then took a shaving gel and began to rub it into the pubis. bongacams t