bongacams tanika69 To be honest, I used to look at big women with hairy legs and hands mentally imagining what was going on under their skirts, but I had an overwhelming desire to get acquainted with such a lady after one summer holiday in the Crimea! And it was so.
Five years ago, my wife and I went to rest in the Crimea, we decided to settle in the private sector closer to the sea, the taxi driver who took us to help with this took us to the outskirts of a small Black Sea town.
We drove to a small cozy courtyard that stood on the seashore, it was surrounded by a high fence and was completely covered in greenery, but the most pleasant thing was that there were no houses and buildings, and therefore there were no rest and fuss, the beach was empty, the sea clean.
After the Moscow hustle and bustle, it completely suited us.

We let the taxi driver go and rang the bell at the gate.
A few minutes later the door opened the hostess!

I was just stunned, it was a woman of my fantasies !!! It was tall, full, I would even say a powerful, stinging brunette.
She was wearing a red swimsuit that could not hide her gorgeous body, she had a beautiful face, large standing breasts, dark nipples of which stood out clearly under the swimsuit, far back powerful, huge ass and fat, muscular, powerful legs !!! But most of all I was struck by the thick, black vegetation on her body.
Her mighty strong legs were thickly covered with black hard hair, from the navel to the swimsuit swimsuit led a black, wide path consisting of thick hair, in turn, the swimsuit could hardly hide the lush pubic vegetation, the hair just did not let the swimsuit fit to the body.
Thanks to this, when she became sideways I could appreciate her overgrowth in the lower abdomen and pubic area. sex camera office
Her tanned skin and long black hair on her head perfectly complemented her whole look.

My hefty member (because of the size of which my wife and I didn’t have much sex in length 24 and 7 width) gradually began to swell and look out from under the shorts so as not to look poorly when I first met, I turned my eyes on my wife.
She stood next to the hostess and negotiated our accommodation.
The wife looked next to the hostess just ridiculous! There was the impression that the little girl was begging something for her big, strict mother (although the wife was five years older than her), but next to the mistress she was just a little, puny child whose little head was below her breast, somewhere in the area her stomach, and in order to somehow communicate with the hostess, looking into her face and not into her gorgeous bust, she got up on a small log and holding on to the gate and began to continue negotiating.
Finally, they agreed on everything and we settled in a large spacious room on the second floor of the house.

As it turned out, we were the only lodgers.
After everything I saw I really wanted sex, my wife, to my surprise, did not mind.
When we undressed, I saw that my wife was all wet at the bottom – did you miss me so much or did Venus arouse you so much? (That was the name of the hostess), I asked, Venus, she answered.
I always knew that my wife was bisexual and to be honest, I like it terribly.
Memories of Venus and her response even more excited me, I tried to shove my fat man into her small, bald crack.
With one-third of my health pushing with difficulty, I began to move in it, my wife squealed and burst from under me, it was clear that she was experiencing more pain than pleasure.
Having wished her, I pulled my zdoroveka out of her pussy and pressed my head to her clitoris and led him around after which my wife immediately finished screaming.
Remembering that her mouth is much more spacious than the vagina, I put her in front of me on my knees and taking her head began to force her cock to the very throat.

At that moment, the door to the room opened and Venus came in carrying us bed linen.
Seeing us in such a position, she was a little taken aback at first, but then seeing that we did not pay any attention to her, she took courage and came closer to us, standing up on the side, she watched my little wife lick my head with pleasure, which I almost tore at her bottom.
Wife noticing her not nearly embarrassed and continued to suck on looking into her eyes and smiling.
– What is your huge !!
bongacams tanika69