caroline campbell bass The sickness subsided, but soon became even stronger.
Jenny’s bladder was starting to fail.
Before she could go to the toilet, there were still eight minutes left.
My girl walked around the room, tightly holding both hands between her legs.

Until the end of her torment there were only 6 minutes left, so I allowed her to go up to the second floor.
Where was the bathroom.
Every half minute Jenny asked me how much she had to endure.
Every time I answered, she tensed all her muscles and flexed almost twice.
Her bladder was so close to the limit of strength that it simply could not stand even a little more urine, it would just burst! Jenny could not take her eyes off the toilet door, she terribly wanted to be on the other side of the door right now. online webcam girls
Every muscle in her body was strained to the limit, and her bladder literally screamed for help.
When only four minutes remained, Jenny began to walk quickly around the room, sometimes squatting or jumping up and down.
She removed her hands from the crotch and squeezed their ass with them.
She was losing, she just couldn’t stand it any longer.
Jenny’s movements suddenly slowed down.
I realized that she was approaching the point where she simply could not endure any longer, unless she closed the urethra with a plug.
I quickly brought a plastic container out of the bathroom, and Jenny was already standing, bent over almost in half, crossing her legs tightly and tightly.
She squatted on her haunches, but saw by the clock that she had only two minutes to endure, and tried to endure those 120 seconds. caroline campbell bass