connect webcam to phone One of the wasps stung me right for the goloku.
How painful! Well, I think it will.
An hour later, my penis increased to 5 cm in diameter and 20 cm in length.

And before that, he was only 3 cm in diameter and 16 cm in length.

I call my sister, I tell her: – A bee bit me here, you want to show it! The sister, despite her 17 years, was rather curious.
“Show me,” he says.
– And you turn away! She turns away.
Then turns.
And there I am with my pants down and bitten pepper! – Oh! Sister already opened her mouth.
But not at all about what you thought, but from surprise.
What to do now? They write that it is necessary to suck the poison.
But who will suck off? Smear with honey.
Smear honey.
Sense something.
In short, fuck, I’m going home to the city. bongacams biglips
Fortunately – an hour away.
I come home.
I run to the urologist to the hospital.
I go to the office.
“Here,” I say, taking off my pants, “the wasp bitten!” Wild laughter in response.
You can’t laugh at someone else’s grief.
– Well, well, well.
Feel okay?

Is urine moving away? It is necessary to cut, and then the skin will burst.
– What? So completely cut? – No, not really, a little trim-cut.
“Doctor, will it hurt?” – 300 rubles – and you will not feel anything.
– Well, here you are 500.
The doctor gave me a referral to the nearest hospital for an unscheduled operation.
I go (I hobble – the member interferes!) To the hospital, in the staffroom room loudly, having lost any constraint, I say: – I go to the surgeon.
I was bitten by a wasp! Wild laughter.
What are you laughing at? I was taken to the preoperative.
Stripped naked and taken to the operation.
And here I am.
I am lying on the table, waiting for the surgeon.
Two o’clock in the afternoon.
Together with the assistant.
The girl exclaimed when she saw my body: “Wow, you!”.
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