fenell webcam nude Sometimes I began to wear thongs, I liked how they shared the ass.
And the ass in them looked more feminine, especially in heels, and I wore high heels always.
In order to have a chest, we bought bras, at rehearsals we put balls of wool in them, and on productions we had balloons with water.
And the chest was like a real one.

I stopped being ashamed and ashamed of my image, shaved my body hair, smeared with creams.
My school friends understood me.
The head suggested that we choose stage names.
I called myself Nicole, and Seryozha said that he needed to be a patriot of Russian names and chose the name Inga.
The guys from the troupe did not sneer at us, joked in a friendly way.
They called us girlfriends and slapped on the ass.
I already traced the difference in relation to myself.
When I was in ordinary clothes, everything was fine, the usual topics for conversation, the usual treatment.
But it was enough to change clothes and enter the image, the attitude of the guys immediately changed: they became courteous, polite, a greasy glint appeared in the eyes, hugged the waist, whispered something in my ear.
Hardly then they were aware of this.
One more thing! They constantly strove to climb under my skirt and paw or pinch my ass.

At first it enraged me, then I stopped paying attention to it, sometimes I even liked it. luvc bongacams
And once Danil, a guy from the troupe, (he was older and was already attending college), after another performance, came up to me with a playful smile, deftly slipped his hand under her skirt and squeezed my ass so hard that my middle finger climbed right in my butt.
(I was just in a thong).
I was hurt, very painful !!! I screamed, tears began to roll.
Then he realized what he had done and began to apologize.
He turned everything into a joke, hugged, hugged him, promised to be always gentle in the future and, apparently deciding to show it in practice, again climbed under the skirt and began to stroke the little ring of the anus with his finger.
I pushed him away, sent him away, and ran into the dressing room.
Since that time, as evil, he was constantly put in scenes with me.
He has repeatedly apologized.
Over time, the offense went away, probably also because I began to notice a bump in his pants, which increased when we danced in the performances, huddled together or I sat on his lap.
I am amused, I even sometimes deliberately sat ass on his penis and fidgeted, pretending that I did not notice anything.

Or, as if by chance, when he was near, I substituted his ass for him, and when he climbed under the dress, he bulged it out and did not immediately remove his hand.
I understood that he did not want me, but my image.
After all, when I changed clothes, I became a girl, plastic changed, my voice changed, I even talked about myself always as a woman.
And he wanted Nicole, not Kohl, and it amused me.
I deliberately teased him, as it turned out – in vain! By the way, I never deceived sex with a guy.
I treated this negatively.
I was popular! I had many friends and girlfriends, many mistresses.
I had enough sex.
But more to the point.
Our class was soon to have a graduation ceremony and the principal asked our supervisor to stage a play about student years.
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