free chat chaturbate Damn, poetry began to think! Well, I understand, Korchnoi was poisoned by psychotherapists when he was Krypov dryuil, but this is not the light of KGB hypnosis.
Well, I think, think.
And he went to smoke.
Well, I remembered everything in detail.

It remains only to finish, I can not sleep.
Carcass the light.
I stretch my eyelids on large eyes from tobacco smoke, and … again I plunge into Rubinstein, damn it. girls naked hidden camera
Here is his castling (Nemtsov – not “Rubik”), timid fingers, here is his vise around my pawn, here is his impudent erysipelas, here is his dogish, begging for mercy glance.
I have been involved in chess for over ten years, but they have never dreamed of me.
Never! Until this night.
Cold water does not help to wake up from the delusion name Nimtsovich.
Hurry up the end of the tournament.
Not enough to me the city championship, a month ago I barely graduated from school, and I even managed to do it without triples.
No, it is better not to start remembering, it was more terrible than the “child’s mate”. free chat chaturbate