hard rock pool webcam Without turning Lisa, I lay next to my back, put one hand on her ass, and the other began to gently stroke and slap my clit with my palm, gradually approaching the frenzy of orgasm.
And suddenly I wanted someone else to caress me, because this is a completely different feeling.
I pushed Lisa to turn over again. hard rock pool webcam
I couldn’t settle down for a long time and finally found an acceptable position in which it would be convenient for me to rub the clitoris, but not with my own hand, but with the hand of a girl.

What was my joy when, just between my legs, Liziny fingers, usually weak-willed, began to move well.
“Come on, come on, then let it go,” I whispered, lying down next to the girl more comfortably and directing her hand again to my crotch. hard rock pool webcam