hidden camera hotel room sex and he just hugged me from behind.
kissed my neck a few more times.
and buried my hair.
we lay under the duvets.

we were so warm.
from what we just brought each other a lot of fun.
from the tested tenderness.
and because two calves lay next to each other and warmed each other.
to be continued.
As soon as the director of a large electrical supply company crossed the threshold of his office, the office telephone rang aggressively.
– Listen to you! – Good morning, Oksana Petrovna! George Vasilievich bothers you.
What is there with our delivery? When will your ship? – Didn’t they ship yesterday? – Oksana Petrovna was surprised.
– Overhead Vladimir brought me yesterday, and we are waiting for the goods.
– I understood you, George Vasilyevich.
I will solve this question.
A minute later they knocked on the office.
– Enter! – Good morning, Oksana Petrovna! – Come on, Alexander Vasilyevich.
– How is the mood before the holiday? – the head of the warehouse crouched.
– The mood is wonderful.

Why the goods have not yet been sent, Alexander Vasilyevich? – Oksana Petrovna, – the boss hesitated, – yesterday everyone was busy with me.
There was no one to deliver.
– What are you on? – I?! – Now you have everything in place? “They’ll be free in an hour.”
– An hour later the car should be sent! So, Alexander Vasilyevich, be so kind as to solve this question.
Returning to the warehouse, the chief muttered disgruntly to himself: “A young woman, and she commands as if I was her errand boy.”
Then he pulled on a robe, and, cursing his hard fate, set to work. teen boy latino masturbating webcam
Oksana Petrovna, after talking, lay back on the leather chair.
“The last day and rest! Spain! I can not more with them! Tired! Adult men, and how small children !.
Everything! No work! Just rest! No obligations and responsibilities! I just want to relax and not think about anything! “- she thought to herself.
After graduating from university, she got a job in this company as a manager.
The whole team consisted mainly of the male part.

Colleagues at first did not take her seriously, considering that a young pretty girl can not, and should not reach career heights.
While the men figured out the problems of primacy and a place in the career hierarchy, Oksana improved her work, received a second higher education, was promoted, and then became the director’s right hand.
True, while the girl was fully committed to work, her friends, like mushrooms in the forest after the rain, jumped out in marriage, had children, and Oksana did not have time to do her personal life.
At 28 years old, she began to seriously think and worry about this.
Moreover, for almost two years, met with a young man.
He made her an offer, and she almost agreed, but.
not warm in her heart.
At heart, she knew that she needed someone else, despite the fact that he was caring, handsome, not poor, tender, but she lacked some intrigue and pepper.
He seemed to her to be too correct, and she understood that after the wedding, most likely, she would have to wait for a quiet but fresh family life.

While she was thinking over his proposal, the director of the company resigned, and she automatically took the main management position, assuming his official duties.
Vortex work tightened, and the groom faded into the background.
And soon they broke up.
At work, everyone began to turn to her by her patronymic name.
It was necessary to make decisions, at the right moments to show flexibility, and often the hardness of character.
She began to think seriously about family life two years later, celebrating her thirtieth birthday.
Despite quite mature, especially for a girl, age, she looked a few years younger.
Her pretty face increasingly took on strict features, but everything changed as soon as she smiled.
Seriousness at such a moment as a hand shot, and she became again a beautiful, cheerful girl.
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