how can i record a video with my webcam And what to do with it now? Said Vicky thoughtfully.
Some new children’s procedure, ”added Ashley,“ Which we haven’t done to the boy yet.
Like everything was done, – said Vicky, – the diapers were changed, they were watered from a baby bottle, they were planted in a pot.
What else do babies do? A lot of things, – smiled Sue, – You can, for example, strip naked and have a massage for babies.

Can you? – Ashley asked, – do you parents of babies trust in such things to do? They don’t trust them yet, ”Sue replied.“ Just looked at the relevant training videos on the Internet.
How to do baby massage? – clarified Ashley, – Now on the Internet any video for child care can be found: how to change the diaper, how to bathe, how to put an enema.
Oh, let’s give the boy an enema, ”Vicky perked up.“ I thought I saw a syringe in the dresser.
Too much fuss, ”Sue grimaced.
Please, ”began begging my nanny, Vicky.
And besides an enema, there are no suggestions? Sue asked.

You can bathe, ”Ashley suggested.
Bathe too long, – said Sue, – Before his aunt arrives, we will not be in time.
Hearing that Jenny was about to return, I breathed a sigh of relief.
You know what, – smiled Sue, – Let’s not invent anything, but just put the boy in the pot.
Yeah, it’s urgent for him to go for a little after sleep, ”Vicky giggled.
And by and large too, ”Sue added.
Sue walked over to my bed and pulled my hand.
Now you go to the pot, ”she said, forcing me to stand up.
Literally in half a minute leaving me naked, Sue nodded to the pot next to it.
Well? – the nurse looked at me expectantly, – Quickly sit on the pot! We must go for a lot. hairy nude webcam
I had no choice but to flop on the pot.
What are you sitting and missing? – Sue addressed me in a couple of minutes, – Forgot, why were you put on the pot? Now pokes, – Vicky smiled, – Little Tommy just needs to ask about it correctly.
All three began to gently persuade me to poop like a nursery kid.
I really wanted a little bit in a big way, not to mention how much I wanted after sleep in a small way.

“I will endure” – I thought, firmly deciding to wait for the arrival of my aunt.
Well, Tommy, – said Sue in a tone that didn’t bode well, – I’d have to help you poop again.
Get up from the pot and climb on the table.
Will you sweep a laxative candle in your ass? – Vicky Aga giggled, – Sue nodded, – Only this time not one, but two.
To quickly achieve the desired result? – smiled Ashley.
Sue pulled me by the hand and forced me to get up, took me to the changing table.
I don’t want y! – I roared loudly.
Do you want to or not, now you show me how pretty! – said Sue, sitting down on the table, – I decide here when you should go to the pot.
And in a little, and in a big way.
Sue grabbed me under my knees and forced me to lay on my back in a well-known pose with my legs up to the point of failure.
So he resists, “said Ashley,” to help you hold him? Don’t, ”Sue refused, even more tearing up my legs,“ I can handle the boy myself.
Suddenly feeling something quickly slipped into my ass, I roared her louder.

It was terribly offensive that Sue still managed to do an unpleasant procedure before my aunt arrived.
Where is our nipple? – smiled my young tormentor.
Vicky handed my nanny a yellow pacifier, which immediately went into my mouth.
Just try to spit it out, ”Sue threatened me, dropping my legs down.“ Two more candles in my ass. ”
“And when is Jenny already coming?” I thought, looking with hatred at the nanny.
Just a sight for sore eyes, – Vicky smiled sweetly.
Yeah, so paw, ”agreed Ashley.
Naked and with a dummy in a mouth? – smiled Sue.
“I would have admired him naked the whole day,” said Vicky, continuing to look at me unceremoniously.
“Well, finally” – I thought with relief when I heard the garage door rising.
After a couple of minutes, Jenny really walked into the room.
Is that Sue, your friends? – She asked my nanny, – Help you mess with Tommy?
how can i record a video with my webcam