hp hd widescreen webcam I met the other day, while still in the shackles of marriage.
Within five minutes, she threw out all her life to my ex.
Intelligence was not required.
Lucy, that was the name of my ex-girlfriend, as it turned out, she was stuck at the halt of life, waiting for the fairy-tale prince, who would come to her on a white horse and take her to the transcendental distances.

And the rest was: “I’m not like that, I’m waiting for the tram.
“I did not go out to the princes with my snout, and my horse was a cherry color, which did not correspond to her perception of color.
Before the end of the holiday, there was nothing left but I hadn’t even begun writing school opus: “How I spent the summer.”
There was not enough material.
“And give it here, the material entot is on a silver platter with a blue border!” Your humble servant exclaimed, writhing unpretentious faces to his reflection in the bathroom.
Who would have thought!

Upstairs do not sleep! The bell in the hallway immediately dispelled all doubts.
– Hello.
– A languid voice, probably a charming stranger, made my heart beat faster by seven beats.
Instead of asking, “Who are you?”, I also welcomed the heavenly creature.
– I heard you are now a free bird? – There is.
– Are you guessing who called you? – I get lost.
– Want to meet me? – Want! Right now! Where to go? In the cinema, circus, restaurant.
– What, quick, – laughed on the other side and the connection was disconnected.
During the week, she harassed me with her calls, if I was not at home, she called me on a mobile phone. hp hd widescreen webcam
She knew almost everything about me.
And hung up at the most inopportune moment.
Tamara – so it turned out, they called my new passion – she was my ex’s best friend, saw my photos and listened to many stories about our living together.
When, until the end of the holiday, there were only three days left, the stranger deigned to meet me.

She turned out to be much more beautiful than I imagined her in my dreams.
Between us had a tumultuous romance.
It seems that I am again ready to stick my unreasonable head in the collar of married life? In any case, I already bought the rings.
And if it were not for the realization that she is the best friend of the former, then who knows, who knows.
If you accidentally recognize yourself in one of the heroes of the story, it means that this is you! Names and events are not fictional and happened to the narrator this summer.
I want to make a reservation (what kind of author I am in FIG, if I do not have reservations, misplaces and WRECKS) that I am not going to mow under Leo Tolstoy, although I am writing the “Childhood.” Trilogy.
And this trilogy is not about the young years of Vovochka, but about the tricks of his furry hatchery.
“Physics lesson at school.
Teacher: – Children, what is the easiest thing on earth?

No one knows, one Little Johnny pulls a hand.
The teacher suspects that Little Johnny will freeze something indecent, but there is nothing to be done.
-Talk, Vovochka.
! -Why?! -Because it rises with thought.
And what is the hardest thing on earth, children? Little Johnny pulls his hand, everyone is silent, the teacher has nothing left.
– Well, tell me.
! – Why again ?! -Because if he fell, you will not lift him with any force.
Children, here is another question for you.
And you, Little Johnny, keep quiet, you tell me, and so the whole physics to x.
brought together! “This anecdote speaks best of Vovochka’s school years.
If you read about his childhood, then remember that his father was a rare womanizer who only thought about how to plant someone.
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