huge boobs live cam Finally decided to tell you this story.
The story that even our wife, being alone, is embarrassed to recall.
Probably because everything happened to some extent spontaneously.
I made a reservation that to some extent, because for the past few years I have often secretly fantasized and dreamed about this, but never touched on this topic with my wife.

My name is Alexander.
I am a former athlete, not a professional, but for about 10 years I devoted myself to amateur sports.
Height 174 cm, strong athletic build.
I am 32 years old now.
As for relations with the fair sex, I have never experienced any problems here, I always had relationships only with beautiful girls and I had a lot of them.
My beautiful wife’s name is Irina.
She is really beautiful, just an angel.
She is now 30 years old.

At the age of 17, she was just a goddess, and now she also has a femininity, which made her even sexier. victoria bay webcam
She is not tall (164 cm), very slim.
Beautiful and elastic ass, elastic standing chest of the 3rd size.
Both men and girls stare at her equally.
And believe me, these views are not just evaluating, but namely “devouring the female with the eyes.”
Before, I was terribly jealous of men’s views of my little Ira, and the attention of girls and women turned me on to her.
Now I, apparently, have got used to it and I am philosophical, because my Irochka is really just a very beautiful girl.
I should add that my wife danced for many years and her gait resembles the grace of a wild cat.
The story I decided to tell you happened 2 years ago.
Irisha and I made repairs and went to the building materials supermarket.

We had to choose curtains.
We ourselves did not know what we needed, and therefore could not make our choice for a long time.
Twenty minutes tormented, I went in search of a sales assistant.
Soon I found her and stopped.
It was an angel.
Even below my Ira, about 160 cm tall, about twenty years old.
With big beautiful eyes, plump lips.
In short, you can fall in love immediately, looking at this creature.
Her name is Rumia.
She readily agreed to advise us.
Irina Rumia was impressed no less than I was, my wife could not tear herself away from her eyes.
Apparently, Mia (as she asked us to call her) was used to such attention.
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