indian hidden cam sex I took a cork from a 5-liter bottle and a cork from a small nipple type.
In a large cork, with great difficulty, she made a hole for a small cork, connected and glued 2 corks together – a valve that was easy to open by simply pulling on the hose.
And on the tip of a small tube put on one end of the hose and made a couple of turns with tape around the joint.
The Esmarch Mug was ready.

For peace of mind, I conducted a “crash test” of my creation: the rope withstands the weight of 4 liters of water, the connections do not flow.
Invent something like a anal plug, too, did not work.
I had to restrict myself to just a thick tip, which should have turned out to be completely. indian hidden cam sex
in my.
I cut about half a meter of hose.
One of the ends wrapped in a thick cloth, and then fixed it all with a daddy’s heat shrink tubing.
Thanks again, you dad !!! It turned out quite impressive size thing: 4 cm in diameter and about 5 in length.
To connect the resulting tip and the hose coming from the tank with water, I inserted into the hose body from the gel pen.
I looked at all THIS, and it became very, very scary to me.
I decided to postpone the continuation for tomorrow and go to bed.
I lay up to 2 nights, all pondering over the details of my poor deed.
And so I could not sleep – sat down at the computer.
I was visited by another thought – I wanted to be bound while I was taking an enema.
I used to play with my boyfriend like that before.
And in the “bins of the homeland” a pair of fur handcuffs, a blindfold and a ball-shaped gag have been preserved. indian hidden cam sex