lenoreandjasonsroom s bio and free webcam This is the way it depends on you, ”my young nanny said in the same mocking tone, continuing to tickle me with a baby napkin between her legs,“ You show me how you go to the pot and decide with your aunt if you need diapers. ”
On the pot? I asked, confused.
Yeah, ”Sue nodded.“ This one.
The girl nodded at the plastic pot by the bed.

Your aunt said that while you are not very friendly with him, – she added with the same mocking smile.
Only nurseries go to the pot! – offended I grunted.
Are you already big? – Sue smiled slyly, – Then who wrote in this diaper? If you didn’t wet the diapers, your aunt probably wouldn’t wear them, right? Taking a new napkin out of the box, Sue unceremoniously shoved it into my ass.
How else to treat you if you pee like a two-year-old? – she continued, pushing the napkin even deeper into my ass, – It’s too early for two years to use a normal toilet for adults.
So you will go to the children’s pot.
I’m not two years old!

I go to school! – I said offended, – Like you! To primary school! – with a malicious smile Sue corrected me, – And by the way, diapers in children of primary school age is not such a rarity.
I used to think why the school nurse always has a big pack of diapers in the office.
Now I know – for people like you.
I pursed my lips hurt.
Do not argue with seniors! – Sue said, dropping my legs down – Once your aunt said that the toilet in this house is for adults only, she knows better.
I’m an adult too, I snapped.
First, learn to go to the pot, “adult,” my young nurse smiled, “And then let’s talk about a normal toilet. cam boys porn
I do not want the pot! – I continued to protest.
Well, what did you do: “I don’t want, I don’t want to,” Sue grumbled irritably, “Already tired! Stay.
in diapers, just do not want to go to the pot! Something to me
I do not care who diapers change – a one-year-old baby or a punished eight-year-old boy like you.
you – I almost choked with resentment, – You can not punish me like that!

Because you’re not my mom.
And not even an aunt! What?! – raised her voice Sue, – How are you talking to me? I am your nanny and you must absolutely obey me in everything! Just like mom, aunt and other adults.
I’m also an adult.
– I grunted.
What you said? – indignantly asked Sue.
Nothing! – I blurted out.
I heard everything, – Sue looked at me with displeasure, – Now stop being rude, or you’ll regret it! I change him a wet diaper, and in response no gratitude.
You should have left you there before lunch.
Another used to run after me and begged to change.
So next time I will do it when you wet the diaper.
“And why do I tolerate all this? – I thought, – Well, still from my strict aunt.
But not from a 15-year-old girl. ”
You know what, Tommy, – Sue addressed me with a smile, – If you assure me that you do not need diapers, you now have a chance to prove it by deed and not by words.
Sue nodded to the plastic pot.
Stand in front of the pot, and write in it like a big boy! – she ordered, – What is red?

Get up and go to the pot! It does not interfere with going small before I put on you a new diaper.
So that he stayed dry longer.
Sue got out of bed and looked at me expectantly.
Well? – raised the voice of the girl, – What are you lying? Didn’t hear what you were told? We must pee in the pot.
I do not want – I lied embarrassed, although he himself hardly endured a strong urge for a little.
Even if you do not want, you can pee in the pot, – Sue did not lag behind me, – Let’s start the day correctly.
It’s not too late to do this.
Even after you woke up wet.
I looked away shyly.
Lying in front of a 15-year-old girl naked, I wanted to fall underground in shame.
The last time I ask, – Sue addressed me after a minute pause, – Will you go to the pot or not? Not! – I replied with displeasure.
As you like, ”Sue shrugged.“ Your aunt was right when she said that you were not friends with a pot.
lenoreandjasonsroom s bio and free webcam