lg tv skype webcam She approached my neck and inhaled noisily.
– you smell awesome! How sweet candy! And I have a movie with him.
We look? And then I have not seen.
– Of course, come on! What movie? – “Temptation”! She got up from the couch and went to the TV.

After a minute, the film shots flickered on the screen, and after ten minutes, Banderos was already passionately and for a long time making love with Jolie.
– What are they exciting, right? – asked Ella ,.
turning to me.
– Yes, very passionately! – I giggled.
I was already drunk, and she too.
– Okay, enough of our debauchery to watch.
You do not want a bath? It’s so cool there.
– Can i? – Need to! You, as I understand it, without a swimsuit? – she smiled. lg tv skype webcam
– Well yes.
“Do not worry, I will give both a bathrobe and a towel,” she answered gaily.
We took alcohol and went to the bath.
I undressed, wrapped in a towel and went into the steam room.
“It’s hot,” I said.
“Yes,” she said.
– Nothing if I will be without a bra? We are girls.
“No problem,” I said.
She unbuttoned and removed her bra, under which was a good third-size chest.
I looked away shyly.
– Well, here are my girls at liberty.
You know, I don’t like these bras like that.
Tinder, interfere.
And how are you? “Well, now I’m just in the towel,” I grinned.
– But in general, it is normal, I have a smaller chest.
– You take a glass, we will drink! – she handed me the wine.
We drank again.
It was really hot.
– Do you want me to give you a massage? She suggested.
Why not? – flashed in my drunken head.
“Yes, it would be nice,” I said out loud.
– Lie down and remove the towel, otherwise it is somehow wrong through him! lg tv skype webcam