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” Excuse me.
– One of the consulted approached me.
It was that caring man who drank me water.

I was still lying on a stretcher, and he knelt down and, leaning closer to me, asked: Was the attacker handsome? An unusual question, probably in our district got a sex maniac.
I tried to remember.
The home quarrel then completely consumed me, but I still managed to notice that the guy who attacked me was pretty cute.
Yes, it was a nice young man.
Remembering that guy, I noticed that the policeman who was bothering me was also handsome.
One could even call him fatal handsome — very dark skin, somewhat sharp features, black and therefore piercing eyes, clearly carved lips, and the most square chin in the world.
In the role of the cinema heroes of the police, it is such a type that is good when there are a lot of things – both color and clear lines.
This sugary and bright type of men always pushed me away, but I could not even imagine that they were found among the policemen.
The bright image of Igor helpfully emerged in consciousness, and I again remembered our quarrel.
I was tired of lying, besides this policeman was probably uncomfortable in such a pose to talk.
And I tried to sit down.

The sun had already gone down, and twilight descended on the park. secret spy cam sex
Zazininalis lights.
It was necessary to go home.
Then I thought that the attack might have been for the purpose of robbery.
Well, of course – the car! From the very beginning, he followed me to hijack my beauty.
I did not feel as if I had been raped, therefore.
I looked at my pockets and found the keys there.
All this is strange, very strange – the keys were in place.
Can I go home? Or do you need to settle some formalities? Yes, of course, you can go, at this address you can drive up at any time convenient for you, and we will arrange everything.
During this time we will check all our card index, we will believe all the shoots, all that is possible.
This is nonsense! Attack on a woman! So the whole file cabinet? – I asked bitterly.
Whether the case was seen so that in less than a day the police rummaged everything, especially in the case of an ordinary attack, and no one seemed to suffer.
I somehow endure the worried emotion.
Do not hesitate, Emma, ​​all.
– Confirmed a senior officer Rena.
– Hans, help the lady! We will take you to your car, it is somewhere at the beginning of the park, is not it? In general, it seemed to me that this woman was in charge of everything, while the men kept mum.

Let me help you up, Mrs. cam sexy Emma.
– It said a caring guard order named Hans.
“I need a gentleman, which one.
Well, help me boy, help.
I simply missed the word “madam”, which is a little doubt. ”
Approaching the car, I again felt dizzy – the car was a strange shape.
From surprise, I was stronger than I needed, clutching the hand of a policeman.
He looked into my face, and then his expression had changed a lot, and in such a way that it seemed to me that it was him who would fall now, and not me.
His eyes ridiculously crawled out of orbit, his mouth parted in incomprehensible surprise.
In general, after this incident, something incomprehensible began to happen to me in the park.
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