nude wife hidden cam Forced to endure manipulation with my pussy, I did not know where to go from shame.
Now probably ass, – my aunt said uncertainly.
Yeah, ass, ”Rachel nodded.“ Come on, I’ll raise the little boy’s legs. ”
Rachel lifted her legs to the top with her knees up to her chest.

Now, how should we anoint little Tommy with a baby butter, ”Jenny began mocking again, mockingly,“ And your ass, and all the little little gadgets between the legs.
Feeling the fingers of others slipping behind my testicles, I shivered from the sharp tickling.
Look, Rachel, that gets up, – smiled Jenny, – Just can not lie quietly on the table.
“My behavior is exactly the same when I put baby oil between my legs,” Rachel grinned. “The boys are so terribly afraid of tickling.
So that’s why he constantly tries to dodge my fingers, ”Jenny laughed, continuing to touch my scrotum unbearably tickling.
It was very sad to feel completely defenseless in front of a young aunt who could touch me in this position where she wanted.

Ouchi, uchi, ways! – Jenny laughed, again tickling my scrotum, – Where is Tommy’s most ticklish place? Right here for the testicles? Or a little lower? Don’t play around, – she looked disapprovingly at my aunt Rachel, – Look, your boy has already covered with goose bumps.
“Well, I should properly anoint the child with baby butter,” began Jenny jokingly making excuses. “Every nook is between his legs.
Then hold the boy herself, ”Rachel snorted,“ I’m already tired. ”
Seeing my aunt wiping his hands with a baby napkin, I sighed with relief.
Hope you dress him yourself? – asked Rachel, dropping my legs down. nude wife hidden cam
Somehow I can handle it, ”Jenny grinned.“ Thank you again, thank you for helping me. ”
I do not know what I would do without you.
Quickly saying goodbye to my aunt, Rachel put her son in a shopping cart and left the room.
Just, ”Jenny smiled, putting diapers under my ass,“ Well, Tommy? Will you assure me again that you do not need poguzniki? Despite the bitter offense, I was pleased with any clothes – even a diaper.

“In any case, it’s better than lying in front of her without panties,” I thought.
Well, now it’s another matter, ”said Jenny, clasping both velcro tabs,“ Tell me, Tommy, much more comfortable than panties.
You can write and crap in this diaper, and the pants will still be dry.
Now, by the way, let’s go buy them.
And these, dirty, just throw out.
Jenny helped me off the table and we left the family toilet, before which a line of mothers with babies had already lined up.
I expected that Jenny would immediately buy me pants, but as luck would have it, she went to the pharmacy department, where she began to choose nipples with bottles.
Why is our baby so unhappy? – Jenny mockingly turned to me, putting in the cart two baby bottles, – Worried about a wet diaper? Well you just changed it.
Young mothers passing by were giggling with restraint, pushing me into the paint.
“I know that little Tommy needs it,” Jenny continued, “Dummy.
Which one do you like more?

Is this yellow one or that blue? I pursed my lips hurt.
Do not you know? – My aunt smiled, – Then take both.
I was simply enraged by my aunt’s indulgent baby talk – especially in the presence of young mothers.
Many were with teenage daughters, whom I was most embarrassed about.
So big and in a diaper, ”one of these girls giggled.
He goes, – smiled her mother.
Yeah, so paw, ”the girl smiled sweetly.
It’s not for nothing that wears them, ”said another young mother.
Of course not in vain, – grinned Jenny, – So just crap one’s pants.
Right here in the store.
Listening, as my aunt in detail tells everyone about my recent embarrassment, I did not know where to go from shame.
You know what happens to boys who do not obey? – Jenny turned to me with a sly smile, having finished the story.
Noticing how my aunt took a rubber enema from the rack, I blushed again deeply.
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