online webcam chat sites I was then 25 years old.
My friend Vasily was already a professional doctor and has successfully worked in this field for two years.
He worked in the antenatal clinic and was responsible for the state of pregnant aunts.
In a word, he “led” them, as the doctors say, before the birth.

His responsibilities included the organization and control of medication and sanatorium-resort treatment for pregnant women, support and counseling, and examination.

And since we are with him – do not spill water, he shared everything with me at the meeting.
Of course, we from our bell tower seem very exciting process itself, but.
When this is to be seen every day, it is, to put it mildly, annoying.
It happened to my friend.
I began to notice more and more with a glass in my hands. skype sex cam names
One evening I went to visit him.
He was gloomy, and if I did not know him, I thought that he was not happy with me.
– Come on in, Bear.
– he said and, without closing the door, he went to the room on the sofa.
I entered and, closing the doors myself, followed him.

On the table in the room were some papers and there was a freshly opened bottle of beer.
– Mdaa! Again the blues, Vasek? – I said.
– Yes, b.
Th, and do not say.
– He grunted in response.
– Will you have a beer? – No, Vasya, you better tell me about the problems, but I will not give up beer, thank you.
He poured me a glass of beer and the conversation continued.
I sat down in the chair opposite and prepared to listen.
– You see, Micah, it’s all for me already.
lo! I just do not have a personal life, a respite.
Doctors are constantly not enough, the rates are low, there are no substitutions.
All family! Everybody goes on vacation full, only me and another young one are constantly jerking there.
So I decided to quit in order to wait a bit, rest.
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