real hidden cam caught sex After four shifts from my anus, the sperm begins to flow like a river, all the sperm that I end up in my mouth I swallow.
Guys order me to go undermine.
I put on the skirt and jacket and go to the female toilet.
There, I wash away as much as I can, washing the sperm from my asshole.

I come back, one guy is lying on the floor with a member sticking out and orders me to sit down from the top.
I put my ass on his dick and begin to fuck him actively, just before the nose two members appear.
I begin to suck the second mnu one egg and podrachivayu his tool.
In a minute I change – to one suck, to another.
And then I feel that my anus starts ra! rush and it includes the second member.
They vakhat me four! ohm
I am at the extreme degree of pleasure, the pressure on my prostate is just crazy, and I’m ending right on the chest of the guy who was lying under me.
– Oh, you bitch !!! – and the guy throws me off myself – and Nuk, lick it all off me! I willingly lick off the remnants of his sperm, while the second guy who fucked me is attached to the back and continues to fuck me.

In a minute he ends, his place is taken by one of the guys to whom I sucked off a couple of minutes ago.
Finish licking sperm and that would smooth my guilt I suggest to lick the guy’s ass.
He puts his ass and I begin to actively lick her tongue.
I am trying to penetrate the very depth of his point.
He drags, then turns around and cums on my face.
Simultaneously with him, the one that fucked me in the ass ends, he is replaced by the next one and the next member again appears in front of my nose, which I dutifully take in my mouth and start to suck.
So “fun” continued until the evening, postures and members changed, other guys came into the department and I was also fucked and I sucked from them.
Several times I ran to the toilet to wash, at what I did not throw anything at myself, I simply ran around the office in which my mother gave birth, and the office workers liked this sight very much !. cheepest cam sex
By 8 pm I was barely able to stand on my legs, my tongue and mouth were numb and it hurt incredibly, my ass was stretched to unbelievable size, and when one guy decided to pin and tried to shove a wine bottle in my ass, I went ahead without any problems.

He freaked me out with this bottle and then he got tired of it.
Periodically, I became a toilet and I squeezed into my mouth all and sundry.
Chapter 7 – Returning At half past eight in the evening Sergey came in, threw a jacket on me, fastened a leash, ordered me to stand on all fours, and dragged me like a dog.
I ran out on all fours behind him on the street, the benefit of the people was not in the backyard where we went.
He ordered me to talk or shit on a dog.
I walked over to the tree and lifted my right leg and squeezed like a dog.
Then he dug a small hole with his hands and poked there, after which he also fell asleep with her legs as a dog.
Sergey dragged me to his car, but he put me not in the salon but in the trunk so that I would not dirty the car.
It was dark and not comfortable: After half an hour’s ride, the boot lid opened.
– All bitch! You fucked me! Fuck you! He pulled me out of the car, put my purse in hand, got into the car and drove away.

I remained standing where it is not known, in women’s shoes on spiers, naked from waist to bottom, and in one short women’s jacket.
Rummaging in my purse, I found my phone, 20 hryvnia, a pack of condoms, anal lubricant and the key to the hotel room.
I tore the lining off the jacket, somehow made a semblance of a skirt, and went to the nearest street which was a little more light than on other streets.
Fuck, fuck jerk off! – suddenly blurted out Pashka, my old acquaintance, a cadet of a military school, on a park bench, where we were already in a pretty drunk.
So someone wants to insert! Pashka was a hefty, pumped-up guy, and the women fell on him, of course.
But, while studying at a military school, you are not particularly clearing up.
I have long wanted to look at his dignity, and, doing masturbation, represented as suck his dick.
And let me jerk off to you, want? I asked carefully.
What are you, blue, or what? – puzzled asked Pasha.
No, rather bisexual.

– I replied.
– Well, try it.
I have been looking at your asshole for a long time already – his last remark made me excited, I got up from the bench, approached Pashka and kissed him relishly on the lips.
Then I unbuttoned his fly and he was already very hard member jumped into my hand.
No fucking you have a dick! So bent! – I whispered.
Pasha’s penis was indeed somewhat crooked, but its dimensions explained everything.
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